What contributes to Anti-aging Fundamentals

‘Anti-aging and Longevity’ Explained

Longevity and Anti-aging are at the proverbial core and foundation of Dr. Skip Hart, O.M.D.,’s medical philosophy. The terms ‘anti-aging’ and ‘detoxification’ have become commercialized and overused to the point that they may not mean much to you.  At their core, these concepts–and the wellness philosophies–behind them are profoundly and highly effective for maintaining overall good health. If you are caring for your body holistically, from the inside out, living longer is usually a natural byproduct of this healthy lifestyle.  Anti-aging, to me, is much more than living longer. It is having a better quality of life. Who wants to live a long life if the quality of life is not extraordinary? When a practitioner focuses on regenerative and lifestyle medicine, you can work together to have the health you want.

The heart of our anti-aging philosophy is to evaluate the body for imbalance in hormone, adrenal and thyroid function, to ensure that it has adequate levels of the vitamins and minerals essential for good health (e.g. vitamin D, magnesium, selenium, iodine) , and to ensure that the body is protected from the dangerous effects of other toxins (stress, artificial sweeteners, etc.) that it is exposed to as a result of our 21st century lifestyles.  When we take care of our bodies in this way, we give ourselves the best chance to live a long and healthy, happy life.

We often forget just how important ascertaining and maintaining the health of some key important functions and nutrients in the body can be to our overall wellness. This wellness includes not just feeling better in the short term, but also cost savings in the long run.  Those who are can’t work because they are sick or who incur large medical bills from serious health conditions like heart attacks, strokes and cancers often end up in dire financial straits.

Longevity should be important to you because if the foundation of your overall health is weak you are more likely to have to deal with some degree of malfunctioning within your body well before its time. The fact that much of the population feels bad, has no energy, consumes massive quantities of energy drinks and coffee to get through the day, suffers from headaches, stress, and lack of sleep, does not make these things normal. It does mean we’ve become acclimated and accustomed to them, which isn’t good either.

These annoying symptoms can be indicators of a larger systemic problem that may later reveal itself as infertility or another wellness issues. Becoming consciously aware that the symptoms are screaming reminders from our bodies that something is wrong and should be dealt with to maintain balance and homeostasis. Things that should be evaluated and balanced are things you’ve probably heard me talking about on the soap box before, but like I always say we teach what we need to learn the most so this is just as an important of a reminder for me as well. Taking an active part in your health will save you time, money, and suffering.

Dr. Skip Can help you reach optimal health and support your goal of living a longer, healthier life by evaluating your overall health to discover any imbalances that can be corrected through supplements and other therapies.  This evaluation may include the following:

Hormone Evaluation:  The correct levels of progesterone, DHEA, estrogen, cortisol, and testosterone are important to maintain your body’s good health and to promote longevity.  After these hormones are evaluation, if needed, Dr. Skip can recommend a personal hormone balancing protocol tailored to your individualized results.

Food Sensitivities & Nutrition:  Is what you are eating making you feel bad? You may be unintentionally eating foods on a daily basis that are causing your body to react with unpleasant symptoms.  An evaluation of your diet and lifestyle and personalized nutrition recommendations can help ensure you are fueling your body in the healthiest manner possible.

Oxygen Therapy:  This therapy can be particularly beneficial for those who have anti-aging concerns.  As we age, our bodies experience (1) decreased production of ATP (our body’s energy), (2) increased oxidant stress, (3) decreased metabolic rate and (4) impaired circulation. These problems are routinely improved with implementation of Chiron’s anti-aging protocols. Most clients report an increase in energy, stamina, resistance to colds and flu, and an overall sense of well-being after oxygen therapy.