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Naturopathic and Homeopathic Services in Dallas

Dr. Skip may work directly with your family doctor or traditional medical professional to make sure that any health care option you choose is one that you are comfortable with. Explore our Naturopath and Homeopath services or you may contact our office at any time with questions about your specific medical needs. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you on your path to wellness.

Holistic Infertility Treatments

Holistic Infertility Treatments

As a leading Dallas holistic fertility clinic, we specialize in holistic infertility treatments to improve chances of conception. Through a variety of natural treatments, such as Mercier Therapy, we seek to uncover the root of your fertility issues and provide non-invasive treatments to restore your body’s balance.

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Holistic Women’s Health Treatment in Natural Clinic Dallas

Holistic Women’s Health

Dr. Skip has over 15 years of experience specializing in Women’s Health. What makes him unique is his cross-training in Eastern and Western medicine, which gives him the background to help you filter through the barrage of health options out there and serve as your advisor who will educate you on your options and the risks that may be associated with any alternative medicine path you might choose.

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Latest Feeds by Expert Holistic Doctor in Dallas.

  • Low Magnesium – Potential Cause of Hormonal Imbalance & Infertility

    Magnesium is an extremely important and valuable mineral, whose value for great health and wellbeing, is just now being re-recognized by mainstream physicians. Many of you have most likely soaked some part of your body, at some point in time, in Epsom salt due to injury. Nearly, every function in the body requires magnesium. Magnesium … Continue reading Low Magnesium – Potential Cause of Hormonal Imbalance & Infertility

    + November 30, 2016
  • Pet Therapy Dog to Reduce Stress and Help the Healing Process

    We are excited to announce, long overdue, Lois our pet therapy dog. Her main job is to put patients at ease to allow them to reduce stress and anxiety to foster quicker healing and deeper relaxation during patient sessions.  You can read more about her on our Team Page (Click HERE). If you would like … Continue reading Pet Therapy Dog to Reduce Stress and Help the Healing Process

    + September 25, 2016
  • Libido Reduction Symptoms – How to Treat Low Libido in Men

    How are Libido (Sex Drive) issues defined? We are going to slant this article towards our very small but mighty population of male patients at ASKDRSKIP.COM, LLC. Most of our male patients are the spouse’s of the families trying to conceive. We can very generically splice the blame in the health of reproduction to 40% … Continue reading Libido Reduction Symptoms – How to Treat Low Libido in Men

    + September 22, 2016
  • Cancer is Fungus – What Can You Do About it

    WELL… is it?  FUNGUS? I would recommend reading – Cancer is a Fungus! (link to Amazon) Dr. Simoncini says that it is a fungus. Cancer is a very controversial subject…however, that being said, I believe that it is as well! Dr. Simoncini has been treating cancer in Rome for years with fantastic results.  I have read his book and conversed … Continue reading Cancer is Fungus – What Can You Do About it

    + March 17, 2016
  • Tipped Uterus – It’s Not a Joke

    Yes, a uterus can actually be ‘tipped’.  The uterus (womb) is a major hormone-producing organ. On one end is the cervix leading to the vagina while the other end leads to the fallopian tubes. The alignment of this organ is crucial for proper hormone health and blood circulation and most importantly, healthy fertility. This organ … Continue reading Tipped Uterus – It’s Not a Joke

    + March 10, 2016