Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission: to provide our community with holistic medicine that is founded in science and proven clinical effectiveness. We support our mission with training in both Western and Eastern modalities so that we may be your holistic and integrative health ambassadors.

Our Vision: is for everyone to feel amazingly alive and embark on the world empowered to fulfill their individual passion without health impediments.  We believe in the intrinsic power of our divine bodies’ ability to heal when provided foundationally what it requires.  We fundamentally believe that healing occurs, not by just treating a symptom, but by functionally and holistically correcting the root cause with natural, non-invasive, when possible, methods with a naturopathic and modernization of traditional Chinese medical approach.

What makes us different? In a word, ‘Boutique’.

Perhaps you are used to waiting upwards of an hour in the waiting room to see your doctor, then sent to a cold examination room to wait another 30 minutes, where you might see a nurse come in and out. Finally, you see the doctor, but only for a mere 15-minutes or less! You are then given a prescription and scheduled for a follow-up appointment, perhaps for a procedure or check-up. Then the cycle repeats. The whole visit was over in minutes and you are kicking yourself when you get to the car because you forgot to ask an important question.

Clients who see Dr. Skip, O.M.D., enjoy a completely different health care experience. We strive to deliver excellence by providing the following:

  1. NO WAITING: Our time is valuable, as is yours. There is no shuffling to different rooms for you to wait. You will be seen at your appointment time.
  2. REAL TIME WITH YOUR DOCTOR: You get real time with Dr. Skip to discuss any of your questions and concerns.  Expect to spend approximately 60-90 minutes with him during the initial wellness consultation. This time together is crucial to fully explore your condition and medical needs, along with their causes. Bring a notebook with your questions.
  3. A WARM, INVITING ENVIRONMENT:  Though you will find many of the standard medical instruments, Dr. Skip’s office was carefully designed to be safe, warm, and inviting to provide the comfort that is required to fully and collaboratively share your health concerns. We have no sterile exam rooms.

Additionally, we have the technological capability to pioneer virtual/online holistic care so that you can seek out care from anywhere you are via a virtual consultation.

  1. TRUE INTEGRATIVE CARE: Dr. Skip is educated in both Eastern and Western medicine. He welcomes discussions of all of your options so that you as the client can decide what is the best choice for you as an individual. Having this integrative approach is what sets Dr. Skip apart from many practitioners who are trained only in one discipline. Please do not misunderstand. We recognize the need for these specialists, but when it comes to total holistic wellness, we recommend a well-rounded approach. This allows you to access a wide variety of modalities to deliver the most effective, efficient solution with the fewest side effects.
  2. AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE CARE: We will do the legwork and verify if your insurance covers our services. Our office goes to great effort to make alternative health care as affordable to our clients as possible.  Our office does not add a crazy markup to laboratory tests as conventional medical offices do.  For example, the comprehensive functional endocrinology blood testing that we order retails for upwards of thousands of dollars when billed to insurance providers. Our office has negotiated a substantial cash price discounted fee for a comprehensive blood and hormone panel, so this is what our clients pay.  We also provide a 20% below retail cost on most of the holistic supplements we recommend for our clients.  We continue to strive to find ways to lower our overhead and reduce costs for our clients.  Veterans please click here for information specific to our Community Care Provider Information.
  3. CARING, PERSONAL SERVICE. We strive that at every point of contact you have an experience that is unlike any other doctor visit, to the point that you trust us with your family and friends. Your referral is our greatest compliment.