The Path to Holistic Health & Wellness

When you become a client, you will share with us your complete health history and any laboratory tests available.  The important information that you share with us allows Dr. Skip, O.M.D., to assess the state of your current health and better understand the context of your health concerns and goals.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Skip will spend time with you reviewing your concerns, discussing your health history with you, sharing information on holistic wellness, and answering your questions.  Your initial consultation, whether it be in person or online, will last for 90-minutes.  At this time, you and Dr. Skip will meet one-on-one to discuss your specific wellness goals and any concerns you have. Please bring a list of questions for Dr. Skip. These 90 minutes is time devoted to you and your health.  At this time Dr. Skip will obtain any additional information from you and order additional testing, if needed.

As part of the evaluation, Dr. Skip may recommend diagnostic lab tests to assess your overall health (available for in-person clientele).  Functional Endocrinology labs, a very unique and progressive battery of blood tests, are often used by Dr. Skip uses to get an overall picture of the health of the body and how well it and all the organs are working.  Once your labs are returned, Dr. Skip will spend time evaluating them functionally and notify you when he ready to review the results with you at a follow-up visit.

Dr. Skip’s holistic health and wellness services address a variety of health conditions and concerns for family members of all ages.  Some of the concerns Dr. Skip can help with include:

After gathering all the necessary data and hearing your concerns and wishes, Dr. Skip will tailor a holistic wellness program to your specific health goals. In every program, Dr. Skip uses a combination of herbal formulas and non-invasive techniques to achieve optimal results, while promoting and maintaining balance in your body.

Clients are provided with an e-script to make any natural prescription orders online at below retail negotiated prices (approximately 20%) with a third-party distributor.  Prescriptions may be delivered to the client’s home or office and orders can be setup for auto-ship and/or reminders for reordering.  There are a few products not available here (i.e. our Chinese Rx Formulas), but we got you, we carry those exceptions in our office.

More about our dispensary: