Fatigue and Anemia

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Fatigue – Symptoms & Therapies

Fatigue is a very common issue causing extreme tiredness, feeling completely drained and not having enough energy to get through your day. Many people who experience fatigue are also walking around through life under very high levels of stress, exacerbating their problem.

You may also feel fatigue due to:

  • A viral burden causing the immune system to be overworked and over stressed,
  • Cellular dysregulation and tired mitochondria with an impaired ability to produce enough ATP to fill your body’s ‘gas tank,’ or
  • Stress on the body causing the adrenal system to work overtime.  This can result in excess cortisol levels or a thyroid malfunction.

Quick Test for Fatigue

Lift down your eyelids and expose the underside of the bottom part of your eyelid. If enough healthy blood is circulating, the eyelid should be a nice healthy deep pinkish color. If you are exhausted and the eyelid tissue is pale in color, anemia may be a problem. Anemia is low levels of iron in the blood. Iron is essential to keep the body functioning properly and when we are low on iron we experience fatigue.

What are Common Symptoms of Fatigue?

  • The main symptom related to fatigue is oddly enough . . . fatigue. If you are constantly tired and do not feel rested and energetic at any time, even after a full night’s sleep, your body is likely overtaxed and deficient in iron and/or other important nutrients.
  • Insomnia and headaches are accompanying symptoms.

If your main complaint is fatigue, Dr. Skip, O.M.D., will begin with your medical history to determine which direction to go to develop a therapy plan. Functional endocrinology blood testing will likely be useful to determine the underlying cause of the problem.  A hormonal imbalance, deficiencies in vitamin d levels, iron, iodine, or magnesium, too much adrenaline, etc. all may contribute to the underlying cause of fatigue.

Holistic Therapy for Fatigue

Once Dr. Skip locates the root cause of your problem, he will develop a comprehensive, customized holistic plan that may include tinctures, nutritional therapy, oxygen therapy or other techniques to return the body to its natural balanced state.  Dr. Skip will work diligently to return you to health and to maximize your well-being.

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