iStock_000018655293_XXXLargeHere is a brief view into our services and the costs associated (USD). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Alternative medicine, Holistic wellness, infertility educational assessment or our other wellness services below. While we  do not accept insurance, we do take all forms of credit cards and HSA/FSA cards (see your individual plan for qualifications).  Most services listed below hyperlink to further information on each item.

Do We Take Insurance?

Virtual (Online) or In-person Consultation Services

  • New Wellness Client (in)FertilityPelvic Pain Consult  | 90 min. | $300
  • New Wellness Client Holistic Wellness Initial Consult | 90 min. | $300
  • Existing Wellness Client Follow-up | 60 min. | $200

   Lab work (Serum or Saliva)

*These panels are comprehensive and may have  adjustments (fewer or additional) based on your symptomatology.  Book Now to review your results. Please note you do not need to be local to Dallas for us to send you to a LabCorp near you or send a test kit directly to your home for your wellness educational assessment.

Educational Assessment / Sessions in Dallas

*program package options are diverse and may include the Mercier Therapy, Hormone BalancingOxygen Bar and / or other naturopathic modalities based on need. Therefore, these various options will be discussed with the client during the initial consultation once the client needs are assessed.

Most Common Wellness Inquiries:

Women’s Health

Hormonal – For both men and women


ADD | ADHD | Hyperactivity


  • Constipation/Colon Cleanse
  • Detoxification (liver cleanse, colon cleanse, parasites)
  • Indigestion (heartburn, constipation, irritable bowel, acid reflux and GERD)



  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes/Blood sugar issues
  • Allergies (food sensitivities)
  • Acid/Alkaline (pH balancing)
  • Infections (extremely advantageous for the cold & flu season!)
  • Skin disorders
  • Healthy baby/children – including but not limited to ADD/ADHD, Autism
  • Candida
  • Weight Loss

If you don’t see your specific issue above, please contact us at ASKDRSKIP!