Home Care for Optimal Fertility

These techniques and recommendations come from years of research, clinical practice and many, many hours of continued medical education since my graduation over a decade ago. By adding one or some of the following into your healthy new lifestyle you will be increasing your body’s natural fertility and overall wellness by reducing the burden on the overtaxed systems in your delicate body.

These techniques discussed below have been selected for the efficacy, safety and ease of use at home. Some of them may seem somewhat unusual if you are new to the more traditional methods of healing. We have used them for many years with great success and their inclusion in Dr. Skip‘s repertoire is not taken lightly. Your protocol should be tailored for your issues specifically, but these are some general things, if done correctly, that are very safe. Please use your best judgment and be sure to read my disclaimer prior to making any decisions – and be sure to use common sense when/if you employ them, and remember you are doing so of your own choosing and volition.

Magnesium Baths
Essential Oils for Fertility and Increased Progesterone Production
Breathing Techniques
Flower Essences for Emotional Issues