What is Nutrition and why is it so important?

Importance and Impact of Nutrition on Health

Nutrition is of vital importance even more so now than it has ever been before. The ‘powers that be’ have seen fit to modify and alter things in our food supply over the last 40 years or so, vastly changing our metabolic performance and how we process, digest, absorb and utilize the nutrients from the food we eat. The constant over use of soil and not rotating crops, among the myriad of toxic pesticides that are used, have substantially reduced the amount of actual beneficial nutrients in the food needed to keep us healthy. Hence, in my very humble opinion the terrifying increase, as of late, in cancers, thyroid, metabolic issues (diabetes) and autoimmune diseases amongst the lesser symptomatic issues like headaches, joint pain, weight gain and general malnutrition is plaguing humanity. Eating with the seasons is something of a bygone era.  The Queen of England only eats with the seasons. Maybe she knows a secret we do not.

The importance of eating this way can not be overemphasized or at the very least to eat rotationally where you aren’t constantly eating the same thing repeatedly day in and day out.  Without dietary variety, our immune systems have no break which wrecks havoc on our systems, making it difficult for our already overtaxed bodies to differentiate food sensitives/allergies from normal cells, resulting in a vast dis-regulation immunologically over time. This dis-regulation or the body’s lack of understanding on how to process/utilize a host of complex ‘garbage’ is what eventually will thrust us into to disease(s). Never mind the food being heinously devoid of quality life giving and very necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and the like as a direct result mass production farming aforementioned. This goes for the quality of meat and its sources as well.


If you haven’t seen it please watch a documentary like or even Food Inc., itself. I don’t like scare tactics as a general rule but it should scare you or your aren’t paying attention to what you are watching. I am not suggesting you go all fanatical and crazy making aggressive changes dietarily, which will most likely leave you frustrated and scrapping all your valiant attempts to improve your life. I am asking you to raise your awareness and begin to take small strides and modifications that will remove the burden and improve the quality of what you are consuming and where you are sourcing the foodstuffs you do eat. If you purchase cage free and/or free range eggs please do your due diligence as those terms like many others in marketing can mean very different things. As a general rule cage free just means they aren’t in a cage and it doesn’t always indicate that those little guys were able to be free range and eat quality feed.

These are the same issues that occur with artificial sweeteners.  You may use what you think to be a non-caloric sweetener when in fact the body can’t distinguish the difference between the sugar molecules or the artificial ones. The receptor sites for the sugar molecular uptake the same but doesn’t understand why the artificial sugar molecule is still hanging partially off. So with the system confused, it proceeds to handle it exactly the same way it does the real sugar. Only now you have the added benefit of the artificial sweeteners causing unnecessary and toxic side effects ranging from weight gain to headaches to neurotoxicity. Diabetics/Pre-diabetics who make lateral moves en mass from conventional food products to the ones that contain artificial sweeteners are just about guaranteed to progress down a worsening path in their health over time. This situation will not improve their disabilities for certain. In summary, the body treats the processing of sugar and artificial sweeteners exactly the same. Back in the day the Surgeon General of the United States all but begged to prevent the influx of the artificial sweeteners into the marketplace.

I realize some of what is written above could seem to be all over the place. Many of you who know the way I work will understand what I am trying to convey here. It is all linked together. As I say all the time you can’t break the body up into separate components or compartments. The darn thing is oddly connected and everything you do has an implication on the body as a whole. Any of you who take extra special care of your car and fill it with premium gas, change the air filter, get the oil changed, flush the fluids in the transmission, and perform routine maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals could most likely understand the importance of doing the parallel things needed to maintain your health and wellness and quality of life. My goal isn’t necessarily to create a new breed of centenarians but people who feel good and can have the abilities to do the things in life that make them the most happy and enable them to spend their lives as long as that may be with the people they cherish and love the most with the most minimal diseases processes attacking the body and least amount of pain, stress, and suffering.

Why does conventional medicine so rarely address Nutrition?

Sad but truth: the world operates in a monetarily dominated oligarchy. Often times business has chosen to make decisions under a shroud of secrecy arbitrarily without many of us ‘in the know’ of the pros and cons of what’s been legislated or enacted by governments or private corporations via lobbyists’ and special interest groups based mostly on money and less frequently on safety and efficacy.

I am saying this not that I believe ‘the man’ is out to hurt any of us. I say that you should stand up and understand what is/can have a direct impact on the health of you and your family. Small subtle changes can and do make far bigger implication than you can imagine.

In many cases, your health doesn’t lie in a pill from the pharmacy or from a fad diet or extreme exercise regimen. It comes from managing stress, eating healthy and quality food, good rest and sleep, proper bowel movements, a clean liver, staying hydrated and constantly trying to make a difference in your small nucleus of friends, family and loved ones; to be happy by focusing on the positives in life and minimizing your impact to rhetoric and toxic bombardment to your psyche be it in the news, negative/nasty people, situations as well as the food and nutritional ones.

Please do not let the above make you in anyway think I am against the conventional medical establishment in any way. While just like anyone I have my opinions of their philosophies and operations but please understand without ‘conventional medicine’ I would not be able to practice what’s known as ‘integrative medicine’.  I often, when necessary, refer my clients to the appropriate western trained doctor to work in tandem with what we are doing at my practice to truly optimize and offer the best of both worlds. Western Medicine is an amazing discipline and I can’t imagine where we would be in this world today without it. Much like many things in this world it needs some reform, but without them we would not have some of the most state of the art therapies and medicines and lifesaving techniques to employ and use when the need arises.

What can Dr. Skip do to help educate me on proper Nutrition and what impact will it have to my overall health?

By evaluating your core metabolic issues we seek to find weakness or malfunctions in your immune system attempting to reach the core of the breakdown occurring. We search to find out what seems to be the culprit in keeping you from reaching your health goals or in fact could be keeping you ill or causing a worsening of your current condition.

This evaluation can come in several forms. We can review comprehensive lab panels to include things like hormones, inflammatory markers, tests for virus’ and bacteria just to scratch the surface. Specialized forms designed to help us understand the metabolic and functional breakdowns, hormonal dis-regulations, sugar imbalances, stress impacts as well as a comprehensive history of your medical past are vital to understand what is nicking away at your health. These are at the core of how we seek to help you to regain your wellness by truly understanding how your body is responding to the stress being placed upon it. This can and usually is a lengthy and life long process to maintain your health. Please do not let this discourage you in anyway as it really is one of the best ways to regain and maintain your precious health.

We only have one body this go ’round and it can only handle so much before it starts puttering out.  Many of my clients aren’t accustomed to the longer office visits experienced at our practice, but without this precious time to understand and get to know you, would be inadequate and prevent me from knowing what going on. Lab values are only so good.

A really quality doctor will spend time listening to you and building a relationship that will get you and keep you on a path of health and healing. If you have any questions or we can be of assistance to help you and your family please contact our office as we look forward to working with people who are searching for something more and/or different in their provider. We are here and very honored to help with something as sacred as your health.

Where do I start?

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