Virtual (Online) Telemedicine or In-Person Holistic Wellness Consultations

How does it work?: As a leading holistic doctor in Dallas, Dr. Skip cares about the total well-being of ‘you’. Through our holistic wellness consultations (lasting 90 min.), Dr. Skip will thoroughly evaluate your medical history and will tailor a holistic wellness program to your specific health goals. See below on how to get started.

Online Telemedicine Consultation in Dallas with Holistic Doctor Skip HartIn every program, Dr. Skip uses a combination of herbal formulas and non-invasive techniques to achieve optimal results, while promoting and maintaining balance in your body.  As part of the evaluation, Dr. Skip may recommend affordable Functional Endocrinology or other testing which is a very unique and progressive way to understand and interpret the results of a variety of tests to get an overall picture of the health of the body and how well it and all the organs are working.

Where do I start?:

  • Book Your Appointment: Use the Book Now button and schedule your in-person or online telemedicine consultation appointment from the convenience of wherever you are.  If a virtual (online) appointment is requested, please provide a FaceTime or Skype ID in the appointment notes for us to reach you.  If you book an in-person appointment, we will look forward to seeing you in our Dallas office off 75 & Mockingbird.
  • Wellness Client History: Complete a new client intake packet, scan it and submit it to us via our contact form or fax (US only). If you have previous lab work please include these. Click here for New Client Intake Form.

Click here for FAQ: Virtual Telemedicine Consultations

Do We Take Insurance?

What’s next?:

  • Dr. Skip’s pre-evaluation: Dr. Skip will spend about an hour reviewing your client history form and prior labs, if submitted, to get a background of your heath history in preparation of your consult.  (60 min. – Dr. Skip)
  • Holistic Consult: Please take the time to write down any and all questions you may have for Dr. Skip as he may have his own list of questions based on your health history. This 90 minutes is time to develop that personal relationship and for Dr. Skip to listen and understand all of your health goals and concerns.  (90 min. – You & Dr. Skip)
  • Labs & Follow-up Visit: If during your holistic consult symptomatology dictates new lab work, Dr. Skip can send you a requisition for a LabCorp convenient to you, send you a home test kit right to your door, or send you the specific tests he would recommend for you to request from your general practitioner.  Once your labs are returned, Dr. Skip will spend time evaluating them functionally and notify you when he is complete so you can book a follow-up visit convenient for you. (60 min. – You & Dr. Skip)
  • Protocol: if no labs are needed to formulate your protocol, within a week of your consult, Dr. Skip will send you a detailed individualized plan for wellness optimization. Should you have decided to run any lab work, it may be necessary to wait on a finalized protocol until those results are back to make sure the protocol is complete. (60 min. – Dr. Skip)
    • E-Script: Clients are provided with an e-script to make any natural prescription orders online at below retail negotiated prices (approximately 20%) with a third-party distributor. Prescriptions are ordered for delivery to the client’s home or office and orders can be setup for auto-ship and / or reminders for reordering. Need them quickly because you are going out of town? Not a problem, there are fast delivery options available to you.

As you can see, a Holistic Wellness Consultation is an investment of your time and Dr. Skip’s. We know that once you have your initial in-person or virtual telemedicine consultation with Dr. Skip, you will be confidently educated with control over your health.  We look forward to partnering with you on your holistic wellness journey.  Click here to learn more about What makes Dr. Skip different.


We know that optimal wellness is a journey that you are not alone in trekking. Should conditions or symptomatology change along the way, existing clients can request additional follow-up visits as the need arises and tweaks can made to your protocol accordingly.  Click here to for a list of our services and pricing.

Still deciding whether you should schedule a visit?

Holistic doctors like Dr. Skip are able to evaluate a number of health issues and provide treatments that are gentle and cost-effective. Often times, we treat clients for conditions where traditional methods simply have not worked for them. We have also had client’s whose issues were treated simply by making changes to their diet or through detoxification. Whether you have tried multiple treatments and are seeking a last resort, or are suffering from an issue that is tied to wellness, Dr. Skip Hart is the holistic doctor to trust.  Below are a few of the most common items we evaluate.

Most Common Wellness Inquiries:

Women’s Health


ADD | ADHD | Hyperactivity


  • Constipation/Colon Cleanse
  • Detoxification (liver cleanse, colon cleanse, parasites)
  • Indigestion (heartburn, constipation, irritable bowel, acid reflux and GERD)


Hormonal – For both men and women


  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes/Blood sugar issues
  • Allergies (food sensitivities)
  • Acid/Alkaline (pH balancing)
  • Infections (extremely advantageous for the cold & flu season!)
  • Skin disorders
  • Healthy baby/children – including but not limited to ADD/ADHD, Autism
  • Candida
  • Weight Loss

If you don’t see your specific issue above, please contact us at ASKDRSKIP!