What is Merciér Therapy?

Mercier Massage Therapy and Effective Holistic Fertility TreatmentMerciér Therapy provides a safe, gentle, and naturally minded pelvic visceral manipulative technique for women facing fertility challenges, experiencing pelvic pain, recovering from gynecologic surgery, or who have had traumatic birthing experiences.  This visceral manipulation is performed externally through the abdomen in order to decrease adhesions in and around the organs, ligaments, muscles, joints and support structures of the pelvis, abdomen, hips and lower back.

Adhesions may develop through a woman’s lifetime as a result of abdominal, pelvic, hip or back surgery, endometriosis, use of an IUD, a fall, infection or disease in the reproductive or urinary tract, or other pelvic inflammation or trauma. Adhesions act like glue — disrupting the function of affected organs. This visceral manipulation involves gentle stretching to loosen tightened areas of soft tissue and is continued until the tension is released.

Natural Fertility Massage | Pelvic Pain Treatments

Certified Merciér Fertility Professional in HuntingtonMerciér therapy is for women of all ages—from teens to those going through menopause—who are searching for a more natural approach to their pelvic issues. Merciér therapy offers an alternative therapy for those who do not want or cannot afford traditional conventional medical treatments for fertility problems, endometriosis, or other painful reproductive tract problems.

Merciér Therapy is gentle and noninvasive and has a success rate of 80% (in vitro fertilization’s success rate is as low as 20% and depends on the clinic).  Retraining pelvic organs to return to their normal status and function is the common-sense approach to increasing your chance of conceiving and improving your health at the same time. Merciér therapy offers hope for a more holistic, alternative approach where there once was none.

Dr. Skip Hart, O.M.D., is certified in Merciér Therapy and is proud to be the only current practitioner in the Tri-State Area currently offering this service. Dr. Skip has trained personally with Dr. Jennifer Merciér and has travelled around the world helping to teach and promote this amazing technique.  Dr. Skip Hart is one of only two instructors certified to teach Merciér Therapy techniques.

Merciér Therapy Visceral Manipulation has proven to help the following issues:

  • Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pelvic Scaring or adhesions from previous surgery
  • Painful Sex or Improved Orgasm
  • Sexual Abuse trauma
  • Persistent pelvic pain
  • Anovulation
  • Amenorrhea
  • Sexual function
  • Abortions
  • Appendicitis, gastritis, other abdominal inflammations

A four-year study of patients undergoing Merciér Therapy for infertility showed an 83% pregnancy success rate within one year of finishing the Shared Journey Fertility 6-week program.  The study was completed in September 2012 and was published in the Midwifery Today Spring 2013 journal.  Click HERE to read the Merciér Therapy Study Abstract.

Dr. Skip is featured in the Merciér Therapy Movie (Amazon) / Fertility Documentary which premiered in St. Charles, Illinois on May 23rd, 2014. More information on the film is available at www.merciermovie.com.

 “Your work is impressive. I mentioned it on my internet radio show. I love the idea of you doing a documentary on fertility-it’s high time. Blessings.”

-Christiane Northrup, MD