DMSO/MSM are both derivatives of sulfur and very helpful in cases of pain and inflammation. MSM is a bit more versatile for other issue while DMSO is a powerful agent for relief from various types of pain and inflammation in conditions ranging from Multiple Sclerosis to Fibromyalgia and muscle strains and injuries. Great for arthritis and burns. MSM has been shown to be beneficial for the skin, hair, nails and bones. Helpful with allergies, pain, it also detoxifies the blood. Blood circulation and constipation improvements are frequently seen with its use. It is no more toxic than water even in higher doses. This is frequently recommended in clients with fertility challenges to help with inflammation and circulation. Additional Information can be found at and If you are interested in trying DMSO I would recommend this roll-on by R.M. Jensen & Associates, L.C.  I typically carry a few in my office, but here you can order it directly: Click HERE to view on Amazon.
– Synonyms: MSM, Jacob Labs