Using Probiotics for Sinus Infection TreatmentSoon it will be that time of year when everyone seems to have what you often hear referred to as a “sinus infection”. While this is somewhat of a misnomer – this problem is most often due to the consumption of dairy (including anything that comes from a cow) and an imbalance of the bacteria in the intestinal track.

Studies show that sinus infections are not bacterial in nature and the root cause is often a fungus – the overuse of antibiotics continue down the path of perpetuating the so called infection. In Chinese Medicine the underlying cause is known as “damp” and the actual nature of the antibiotic is inherently “damp” as well… thus perpetuating the infection. Much the same way that consumption of milk perpetuates mucus.

Benefits of Probiotics

One of the most beneficial ways to help boost your immune system is to take a probiotic. So if you suffer from Acid Reflux, Allergies, Candida, Digestive Issues and Frequent Infections, then probiotic may help.

Probiotics can assist by introducing friendly bacteria that modern lifestyles so often take out of our bodies. A hearty blend of broad-spectrum probiotics can also nutritionally support your body’s normal ability to fight the pathogenic bacteria that you may consume in your food.  Please note not all probiotics (FullScript Search) are created equal, many of those you find on Amazon or Big Box stores just are not of medical grade enough to truly help you or may be counterfeit.  Please consult with your health practitioner to help you sort through the options best for you.

With the food that is continually consumed to our detriment – coffee, dairy, high fat and sugar intake, refined carbohydrates, etc. the health of your body unravels. While these changes happen a bit more slowly when we are younger… as we age the “signs and symptoms” begin screaming at us instead of whispering. Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong… headaches, constipation, diarrhea, joint pain, loss of memory, anxiety, depression, etc.

When we ignore them and continue doing the things that are causing the problem, disease ensues. These symptoms are not normal in that they are trying to clue us in to problems.  Over time we have learned to cope with them and almost find them to be normal because we have been dealing with them for so long.  Suddenly, you realize that you no longer feel like a healthy person. Folks let me tell you – you do not have to feel this way. Please be proactive and make these positive changes today.

If sinus problems are an issue you must also consider the use of a neti-pot. Doing this procedure with some sea salt once daily will help offer tremendous relief for the sinus symptoms. Don’t forget… almost all allergy issues are directly related to problems in the gut!

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