Difference between Sea Salt and Iodized Table Salt

Sea Salt Vs Iodized Table Salt – Which is Better

Table Salt… Friend or Foe?  I say foe!

First of all, let me start off by saying that you should go now and throw away your iodized table sodium.  Go ahead… I’ll wait…

Okay… now that you are back and at your earliest convenience order some real sea salt.  We see none of the traditional health hazards that you hear from using traditional “table salt” when you use the healthy alternative of sea salt. Sea salts have not been bleached or processed – they are au-naturel!

It’s just like mother-nature intended. You should purchase as many of your products unbleached and unrefined as possible. For example – unbleached & unbrominated flour, sugar, coffee filters, etc.

When using sea salt you are actually putting beneficial minerals back into you body. The risk for hypertension is gone when using sea salt.  In fact many holistic minded practitioners even treat hypertension with sea salt as well as other cardiovascular issues.

Now, I of course am not saying to put it on everything to your heart’s content… As my Great-Grandpa Wise always said… Everything in moderation! Try using sea salt for several weeks… then go and take a taste of table salt and you will find that it has a chemical taste that is pretty nasty compared to the sea salt you have been using.

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