Iodine Deficiency and InfertilityAnyone who is familiar with Upworthy knows just how amazing their information sharing is. Please reference their incredible article for the importance of supplementing iodine and its benefit to help combat fertility issues in women today. While many of these women from India are uber deficient in something as critical as iodine from a dietary perspective, we westerners face the same challenges in deficiencies’ in our westernized world leading to many of the same health concerns.

Our Indian counterparts though, are unfortunately dealing with the severity in the lack of nutrients causing blindness, brain damage and birth defects. In the United States, we see things like fertility being implicated in this because of its role with thyroid and how it effects conception and fetal development, never mind what Mom is needing while baby is in there requiring valuable resources that were lacking prior to the pregnancy. Please note there are no bodily processes’ that we know of to date, that do not essentially require iodine, magnesium and vitamin d to function properly.

The governmental RDA levels of vitamin supplementation are generally way below what the body even needs to work correctly. Additionally, the quality of our food supply is sub-par from a nutrient rich perspective, stress is high, waists are growing and there is an ever increasing number of what was once seemingly benign and sporadic medical conditions are now becoming epidemic and commonplace. Thyroid is a great example of this. Do some additional research when you have some time on bromide and iodine and just what the implication of removing iodine from our food supply some 40 years ago has had on our health by replacing it with bromide. Keep your eyes on Pepperidge Farms for a conventional company that sees the importance of this. Check their ingredient list. Number one on their bread is ‘un-brominated flour’. They get it. There is so many examples like this that are taxing our health and most of us are blithely unaware. I am hopeful that the critical mass number needed to shift the tipping point is nearing. The nuisances are important to our overall health. Small changes make big differences. Be vigilant with your health and the needs of your body — I know I want mine around and in great working order for years to come.

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Nutrient Deficiency & Functional Blood Testing

Somewhere along the way we have forgotten the actual importance of nutrients and their role to our fundamental health. You compound all of this when someone is also dealing with a diagnosis of fertility, autoimmune disease, insulin resistance and/or hormonal irregularities making the need for those nutrients even more paramount. This makes the normalizing of critical foundational deficiencies and metabolic issues essential to address, as opposed to acting like somehow they magically don’t matter to the quality of your overall health, healing and well-being. Why are so many of us infertile? Depressed? Headaches? Insomnia? Stressed? Or suffering from anxiety? It really isn’t rocket science to understand why. Eat real foods, especially dark-leafy green veggies, good fats and minimize processed and fake foods whenever possible.

I have only seen 1-2 cases of folks who had optimal functional blood chemistry without supplementation in my over 15 years in practice. Where am I going with all of this you ask? Well for starters, I love the idea and creativity of taking something as important as the bindi and being able to utilize it for something as necessary as supplying iodine to women who are in desperate need. Not only do we need to see that continue with the inhabitants of India, we need to be finding creative ways to provide the body what it needs on a world-wide scale. For more information about Functional Blood Testing click HERE.

Infertility Treatments (Mercier Therapy)

My practice is centered around optimizing the body to help women to get pregnant so, of course, we discuss iodine, vitamin d, magnesium, sex hormones, cortisol levels, and stress among the myriad of other metabolic and endocrine issues that could be halting your ability to get pregnant or just feel GREAT! Even the most optimally balanced body may still have issues with fertility. This is where the Mercier Therapy comes in with a deep visceral manipulation of the female pelvis to restore proper blood flow and alignment of the reproductive system. Studies have shown this therapy to be 80% effective over a period of 12 months. Our fertility program is comprehensive and requires a high level of commitment for success.

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We work tirelessly to reach the core issue of your health concerns be it fertility, thyroid, autoimmune disease, obesity or whatever ails you that may be tied directly to fertility challenges. Please call or contact our office if we can assist you in growing your family or set you on the path of optimal wellness.