Essential Oils for Infertility & Low Progesterone

Essential Oils for Infertility Dallas

For centuries, essential oils have been used in aromatherapy to treat a number of ailments. Regarding fertility there are a number of essential oils that can be used to balance hormones, progesterone levels, help emotional issues and promote fertility. Although I highly recommend the use of essential oils, please research carefully the companies that make and sell essential oils.

I like and use Young Living Oils. They are expensive, unfortunately. Their quality in my opinion, is unsurpassed. The quality of their products are so pure in most cases, they can be consumed and are considered nutritional supplements. Please visit for additional information. doTERRA also seems like a very good company as well. The oils and their raw sources of ingredients is superior.  While we do not sell essential oils at our office, we have provided links to Amazon for your convenience.

Fertility Oils To Help Balance Hormones:

Essential oils To Increase Progesterone Levels:

Geranium, Oregano and Thyme are all helpful oils for helping to overcoming low progesterone levels.

Place 3 drops each of marjoram and thyme oil diluted with organic coconut oil over the liver at night.

Essential Oils that Promote Fertility:

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