Merciér Therapy with Oxygen Session. M.T.W.O. is a term coined by for an oxygen/ozone technique utilized at the office during your Merciér Therapy sessions. This is used to increase the flow of highly oxygenated blood plasma directly into the organs – especially the fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries. This is considered an oxidative therapy. Deep breathing and the pressure applied to the uterus during the visceral manipulation forces this oxygenated plasma into those organs. This drastically increases circulation/blood flow and creates an environment of optimal pelvic health for increased chances at conception. The technique has also been shown clinically to balance whole body pH, activate the mitochondria, combat fatigue and drop levels of fungus, bacteria, yeast and viruses. This is a spin on a technique called EWOT – exercise with oxygen therapy. Improper blood flow to ANY organ will eventually lead to the absence of health in some manner. 
– Synonyms: Merciér Therapy w/ Oxygen, Merciér Therapy with Oxygen Session