Albumin is a primary protein in the blood. It is made from amino acids in the liver and is also available from the diet, especially from eggs. It helps with the immune system, maintains proper fluid balance in the tissues and plays a role in nutrient transport and waste removal.
Alkaline Phosphatase –  An enzyme produced primarily in the bone, liver and intestinal tract. It reflects growth or activity in these areas of the body and is often used as a tumor marker. Through its highly alkaline nature, it functions as one of the pH controls in the blood.
Alkalinity –  This is an important balance that must be maintained in the body for proper and optimal homeostasis. Being slightly more alkaline is actually healthier than being overly acidic. Keeping this balance is easy by reducing inflammation, consuming green drinks and dark leafy green vegetables and using proper breathing techniques. Yoga is also awesome. Green Drink Powders are an great way to help with your alkalinity balance. Oxidative methods like using EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) can also be used to help increase oxygen levels in the body which will assist in balancing the body as well. 
– Synonyms: Acidity Sodium BiCarb