International Traveling TipsHere are 9 things to not forget to pack or do when traveling:

1. Grapefruit seed extract: add this to all your bottled water (keep with name brand water since large amounts of bottled water are just tap that is up-sold). This will kill the bacteria and virus’ that may be lingering. You may have to hit up your health food store for this.

2. Probiotics: this will boost your immune system. Remembering that the majority of your immune system resides in your digestive tract.

3. Emergen-C or Liposomal Vitamin C: another great nutritional supplement to keep your immune system at its strongest. Sold at most grocery and drug stores.

4. Colloidal Silver: take a dose in the morning and another at night. This is a strong anti-viral and antibiotic to kill anything you may have caught even as careful as you may be. We recommend RNA Results because their effectiveness is the best.

5. Wet wipes to cleanse your face and hands if you are without proper means.  Great for plans or car rides.

6. Loperamide: basically and anti diarrheal just in case. Use caution though. There is a fine line between letting your body get rid of things it needs to but not getting so sick you get dehydrated. Don’t want to be stuck in a strange land or simply on the road with unstoppable diarrhea.

7. Avoid produce or veggies in foreign countries. Eat things that are cooked and piping hot!

8. Natural bug repellent from the health store. If you get anything with DEET then put it on your shoes, collars etc. but never on your skin or any bodily contact. Best to research a product called Mosquito Milk if you need stronger guns with DEET. It does contain the DEET but in a more naturally prepared formulation.

9. Vitamin D: approx 10k units a day while you are traveling will also protect your immunity.

While the links above reflect Amazon links to help you locate products, please be sure to only buy directly from the manufacturer via Amazon as counterfeit supplements are readily sold.  For our clients, please remember you receive 20% off supplementation from who guarantees quality and manufacturing standards.

Be Well; Live Well and TRAVEL SAFE!

Dr. Skip, O.M.D.