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What is the Thyroid and how does it work?

Thyroid Symptoms, Treatment & Online Consultation

The thyroid is a gland situated at the base of the throat that is responsible for a myriad of hormonal and endocrine processes in the body. It is often referred to as a master gland and the King of the Endocrine system because it is responsible for so many different and important bodily functions.

How do I know if I have Thyroid issues? What symptoms should I expect?

There are over 200 non-specific thyroid symptoms that can be experienced whether the gland is under or over acting. By far and away we see many more clients being bothered with a sluggish or under functioning thyroid gland. This condition is known as hypothyroidism.

They can range from afternoon fatigue, weight gain and hair loss to cold feet. Thyroid symptoms can often be asymptomatic. I have randomly tested subsequently for autoimmune thyroid dysfunction when working with women and am often very surprised by the substantial elevations in people I wouldn’t have otherwise expected. The adrenal glands must be supported heavily and in many circumstances must be balanced first before starting in on fixing the thyroid.

Some things you can be on the look out for would be if you are having difficulty in getting pregnant, brittle nails, hair loss, constipation and digestion issues, difficulty in losing or gaining weight, dry skin, cold hands and feet, cracked heels, fatigue, insomnia, libido issues, anxiety, irritability and fluid retention.

There are several nutrients that should always be considered for optimal health with their use being especially helpful for maximizing thyroid function: magnesium, progesterone, iodine, selenomethionine, zinc are just a few of some of the heaviest hitters in regaining health.

How can Dr. Skip help?

Functional Blood Testing: By actually checking your blood for ALL the parameters related to unearthing an improperly functioning thyroid gland. To accurately ascertain if and what is happening to your body there are some specific tests that should be run at the lab. Often times when I see a new client who has brought conventional labs, it is like looking at a puzzle with missing pieces. You know there is an issue, but there is simply not enough information to really understand what is happening metabolically to get the entire picture.

What should be run?: Therefore, things that must be run in the lab from your blood are: TSH, free t3, free t4 and TPO/APO antibodies. The antibodies must be run to see if there is an autoimmune issue happening to your thyroid. Clinically, I have been suprised by the clients who you would not normally suspect would have elevations in their antibodies, actually do. From my clinical experience, I therefore, recommend a detailed testing of the thyroid including TPO/APO antibodies to be performed on folks suspected of having thyroid issues. Reverse t3 can be completed in more complex cases of thyroid malfunction. Work with your health practitioner to avoid the pitfalls of just running the TSH and total levels of t3 and t4. This is going to give you incorrect/incomplete data on the best course of action to take with maximizing the health of your thyroid. Click here for a detailed guide on functional blood testing.

Balancing stress: is critical to a healthy body. Energetically speaking, Ayurvedic Medicine tells us the Throat Charka could be blocked and causing the thyroid to be imbalanced. This blockage often occurs in many people from an imbalance with speaking their truth. Often easier said than done, speaking your truth or saying what you need to say, in those instances can be the best medicine. Say it with love and in the most non-violent and non-judgmental manner can often be liberating to your psyche a very substantial way to bring about drastic healing to your malfunctioning endocrine system. Not speaking your truths and subsequently internalizing anger wreaks havoc on your body and immune system causing much damage especially when our stress level stays elevated for years on end. Click here for additional guidance on managing stress.

Taking the right supplementation: Be cautious of taking synthroid. By and large that is NOT the most effective medication to use but seems to be a favorite to be prescribed even with it making people feel either no or just minimally better not to mention it does have some pretty yucky side effects. There are much safer alternatives like Armour and Nature-throid. Now in cases of autoimmune thyroiditis (where an elevated in TPO/APO antibodies has been discovered) you can’t start off taking a whole glandular replacements like that because the endocrine system thinks its allergic your thyroid hormones and thus begins the start or perpetuation of endocrine dysfunction from the body actually attacking itself. This is also at its root an issue of inflammation; one of the primary causative factors to declining health.

Conclusion: The thyroid is a very complex issue. Do your research and contact us if we can help bring you back into balance and optimal health. There is a lot to know about the thyroid and many people are being incorrectly treated for this and Pastoral & Holistic Medicine can help. Please use our ‘Book An Appointment‘ button to schedule your online or in-person consultation today.