An estimated 9 million women suffer from infertility issues in the United States. One In-vitro (IVF) treatment can cost upwards of ,000 with no guarantees of conception. IVF is a costly, emotional exhausting process that we feel isn’t always the best option.

Dr Skip recognizes the highly sensitive challenges that come with IVF, failed pregnancies and the need for more natural answers to such intricate and delicate issues.

Enter the Mercier TherapyUtilizing a non-invasive, holistic and natural technique that’s completed abdominally with no vaginal work required, the Mercier Therapy for infertility has shown success rates of over 80% pregnancy rates within one year of finishing treatment.  IVF cycles generally average anywhere from 20%-40% success rates with costs that are typically 4-5 times that of Mercier Therapy.

80% success rates, completely natural, extremely affordable with no down time and no emotional roller coaster.

Book your (in)Fertility consult and see if the Mercier Therapy for infertility can be the catalyst for starting your family when you’re ready.