Magnesium Baths for Infertility

More than 80% of the population is reported to have magnesium deficiency. Virtually all processes in the body require this mineral. Muscle tension, insomnia, anxiety and irregular heartbeat can be attributed to deficiencies of vital magnesium. This deficiency is even more problematic when facing a diagnosis of infertility – making it even more important for you to restore your levels. One of the best home remedies for infertility is magnesium salt baths can be known as fertility bath. Magnesium baths are easily administered and are highly effective as they address two very important infertility issues – magnesium deficiency and stress levels.

Magnesium Baths for Infertility Dallas

Magnesium Baths by using DMSO for Magnesium Deficiencies

I recommend that my clients take these baths to improve fertility as often as possible while we are working together. In my humble opinion, the number of infertility cases, constitutes an epidemic. The use of these baths should not be underestimated. In Magnesium baths I highly encourage the use of DMSO. Using DMSO on your body will exponentially increase the body’s ability to absorb and utilize the magnesium while bathing. DMSO is a carrier and will assist in driving the magnesium right into the cellular system where it is needed desperately. Not to mention DMSO is a very powerful anti-inflammatory. It helps in an extraordinary way to assist in clearing blockages of inflammation in places such as the fallopian tubes to increasing mobility and blood circulation in the pelvis and uterus as well as to the heart and all your other vital organs.

Stress Levels and Infertility

The most important aspect, outside of the vital nutritional component, is that taking these baths forces you to stop everything and relax. Stress is more damaging to our bodies than we realize. Stress contributing to issues of infertility is very high. This means you need to need to make the time to relax and take the bath for about 45-60 minutes. This time is also crucial to practice your breathing while directing your breath into your abdomen to increase blood and circulation to your pelvis.

It is also a very good idea to use this quiet time to allow any emotional issues that may arise to be released by gently repeating a phrase like “infinite love and gratitude”. Dr. Darren Weissman coined this phrase and I find it very therapeutic to use during a time of relaxation or during meditation. The book “The Relaxation Response” by Herbert Benson, M.D. describes in very great and easily understood detail, how to relax. Relaxation responses and meditation are identical methods to get to the same place. Please use whichever method feels right to you. Prayers like “The Lord’s Prayer” are also equally effective.

The point is that you must do the work. Meditation has been shown in research time and time again to balance the body in physiological ways like balancing hormones, reducing cortisol levels and overall quality of life improvements such as stress reduction. All without any medication or dietary changes whatsoever. You are combining so many layers to your spa treatment session at home in the bath by soaking in the magnesium and practicing a method of relaxation. Increase circulation and blood flow to your pelvic region and your reproductive organs and force the body into relaxation all by taking a bath? Yes, it is that easy.

How do I do the bath you ask? Super easy and it is very likely you have these things at home already.

Magnesium Bath

  • 1 bag Epsom Salts (approximately 1 pound of magnesium sulfate salts, per bath)
  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of sea salt

Optional Bath Additions:

  • 1-2 tsp of 70% DMSO (this tends to make your skin feel slightly sticky when used with the magnesium)
  • 1-3 cups of food grade, 35% Hydrogen Peroxide**
  • 6-8 drops of your favorite, organic essential oil for fertility (lavender for relaxation, cypress, clary sage, fennel, frankincense, germanium, Melissa and fennel for fertility are just a few that can be used).

**Use extreme caution using 35% peroxide. It is very strong and can burn your skin undiluted. Follow label instructions carefully regarding handling. Diluted in your bath water it is safe and very beneficial to your health and energy levels.
Relax in the bath for at least 45-60 minutes 3-5 times per week when you are using this amount of magnesium, as you do not wait to be wasteful. Relax while in the tub. Focus on taking deep breaths and directing them into your abdomen.

I have recommended using Epsom Salts which are easily obtained locally from the grocery store. While it is effective, I prefer the use therapeutically of magnesium in the form of Magnesium Chloride. It is more readily and easily absorbed by the cells. Please visit for additional information.

Please consider using higher quality oils such as Young Living Oils or doTERRA. These oils are of such a high purity, they can be consumed due to the quality and nature in which these oils are processed and manufactured.

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