Flower Essences for Emotional Issues
Releasing any emotional issues or blockages arising during your fertility challenges or anything life throws at you, for that matter, is crucial. We operate under the premise that physical manifestations are driven by the emotional traumas and imbalances that have occurred. We are clearly obviously dealing with the physiological ones as well but the point is the emotional aspect must also be taken into consideration and dealt with for homeostasis and balance.

This can be accomplished by utilizing Flower Essences:

Rescue RemedyRescue Remedy is readily available these days even at your regular grocery store, most likely. Bach Rescue Remedy is very effective at helping to release those emotional blockages using essences derived from flowers. Rescue Remedy should be used immediately following any trauma whether physical or emotional. While using the Flower Essences may sound strange, Dr. Bach was prescribing these remedies for issues ranging from insomnia to anxiety and getting incredible results at his practice in England over a hundred years ago. A few drops under your tongue will make a world of difference when used with the baths.  Most health food stores carry Rescue Remedy, however, if you would prefer to to order online, click HERE for a convenient link to Amazon.

There is no reason you need to try to recall specific difficult issues, per say. Using the Rescue Remedy is a safe and very gentle way to help move blocked emotions out of your psyche with a simple dropper full placed under your tongue any time you feel you need it. You can’t over dose on it.

Rescue Remedy is safe and non-toxic and will not interfere in anyway with any medications you may be taking. You can research and take the Bach Flower remedy test to ascertain the flowers needed in combination for your individual emotional concerns if you want to get very-very detailed and specific. Visit http://www.traditionalflowers.com/recommendations.php for a questionnaire to help you pick a combination of flowers to get deeper to the root to assist in releasing emotional blockages that may be causing your fertility challenges.

We understand the difficult road associated with infertility and are here to offer and assist you in any way we can. The philosophy at AskDrSkip.com revolves around Mind, Body and Sprit integration and regardless of the health concern or challenge we must address all 3 components to adequately create the optimal environment for healing and fertility.