Managing Stress
Yoga practitioners know how important deep breathing is during their stretching practice. It properly aligns their bodies and mind for releasing tension, increasing blood flow and correctly doing their yogic poses. This breathing helps us to maintain focus and direct intention to specific areas of our bodies while doing the practice. It helps to release tension and create calm and relaxation in the body and mind. Most of us do not breathe correctly. We do not stand correctly or in general have good posture. We have a tendency to hold our breath in times of stress. This is counter-productive to healthy respiration and blood flow of very important oxygen to the organs. Over time headaches, insomnia, elevated blood pressure and stress can worsen as our breathing habits worsen.

Taking control of these issues is very simple through learning breathing exercises.

Holistic Stress Management for Infertility

First off start by taking a slow, long deep breath in through your nose while slowly expanding and filling your stomach and lungs with air. It may help you to do the inhale on a count of 4. After you have reached the capacity of gently filling up your lungs release the breath also on a count of 4. On the exhale be sure to empty your stomach first and then your lungs. Pulling your stomach back towards your spine to flush out all the stale air from your lungs is a good idea. This is very easy and make take just a bit of practice to grasp. Please find a video on YouTube for more information if you need a visual example.

Do this technique 2-3 times per day for 4-5 breaths. I advise doing this first thing when waking and last thing before bed. Additionally these breathing exercises are ideal for any time you feel stressed or out of control.

Please take the time to implement this into our daily exercise and lifestyle protocol. Its benefits can not be underestimated. You will start to notice how often you are actually holding your breath as you begin to do these exercises. Castor oil packs for fertility success is also being used by many people. If you are experiencing Fertility challenges this technique along with the castor oil packs over your uterus are vital to the success of your hard work towards becoming pregnant.

Please read over the additional information I have included on the site about mediation and the Relaxation Response. For more information on my infertility treatments feel free to contact us or read more HERE.