Natural Holistic Treatments for Depression and Apple Cider Vinegar Anxiety

You may be wondering why we have grouped Depression, Stress and Anxiety in the same category. Despite their key differentiating characteristics, each one of these conditions has a similar physiological stress response to the body, causing chaotic fluctuations in the hormones, cortisol levels, neurotransmitters and spiking adrenaline. When our bodies become over stimulated and over taxed continuously, we can no longer maintain normal functioning and  subsequently symptoms will inevitably develop. These symptoms of Stress, Depression and Anxiety can very easily cause damage to your body in left untreated.

Dallas holistic Doctor for stress, anxiety and depression treatment

Common Symptoms of Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Symptoms can be different for everyone depending on their bodies and individual biological make up. However most of the symptoms below can be treated or controlled with holistic methods. We are able to provide natural treatments for stress that will gradually bring your body back to it’s balanced state.

These are the most common symptoms but certainly not all-inclusive:

There are many symptoms that can be experienced as a result of chronic stress and anxiety not to mention the way our bodies feel day to day from anxiety or depression. Let us help you feel better, with our natural treatments for depression, stress and anxiety.

How can Dr. Skip help?

  • Hormone rebalancing / supplementation: also known as BHRT or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, it can be used to reduce the chronic stress and the damage the stress is causing to your body.  We may look at supplements to address the symptoms while we look at healing the root cause. Click here to read more on Bio-identical Hormone Rebalancing Therapy.
  • Stress management protocol and relaxation techniques: to help manage anxiety in increased times of stress. Click here to learn more on how to manage stress.
  • Wellness / Functional Medicine evaluations: to get complete picture of your overall health to optimize your metabolic, endocrine, hormonal and immunological functioning. Vitamin D levels are critical to address in cases of depression and stress. Remember to always take your vitamin D3 with vitamin K2. Click here to read more on Functional Blood Testing.
  • Sonopuncture: by using tuning forks this could be a great chance for you to relax and be balanced using sound as medicine to stimulate acupuncture points and deep relaxation. This is a very effective treatment for chronic stress or depression.  Click here for a little more information on Sonopuncture.
  • Nutritional Medicine: can and should always be addressed when dealing with any mal-functioning in the body. It is never a bad idea to increase our consumption of organic vegetables, decrease sugar and complex carbohydrate consumption, avoid all artificial sweeteners and low-and no-fat foods. Get some sunlight and drink a glass of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar water if you are feeling depressed or down. Click here for more information on Wellness Consultations.

For an easy at home remedy to manage stress click HERE to learn more. Also, for pricing information, please visit our Services Page.

How can I find you?

Ready to get holistic treatments for stress? We know that once you have your initial consultation with Dr. Skip, you will leave his office confidently educated with control over your health.   We look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey.

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