Dr. Skip, Acupuncture Physician, board certified in Naturopathic Medicine and International Instructor of the Mercier Fertility Therapy, shares his dietary knowledge with his nearly 20 years in Holistic Medicine. Event Details: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM EST at the CoWorks Facility: 1000 5th Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia 25701.

A quick disclaimer: the information presented is for educational purposes only and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.  We would always encourage you to consult your attending physician prior to starting a new diet plan.

Additional Resources:

Link for Dr. Skip’s Diet Plan for Nutrition, Weight Loss, Energy & Digestive Restoration


After Event: After the event, participants were invited for a few refreshments while mingling with Dr. Skip. While we don’t sell these directly to the public, we wanted to give you an introduction to some of our favorites that Dr. Skip has researched and vetted for holistic health.

      1. An over 3,000 year old Longevity Formula in a tincture that is still in use today.  It’s made by soaking a proprietary blend of Chinese Prescription herbs over vodka for 6-8 weeks.  It is made by Dr. Skip and yes, this is alcoholic and it has a kick!  (By Prescription Only)
      2. Some taste testing of almond chocolate protein bars that include 7 Alkalizing Greens and 7 Super-foods to help balance blood sugar throughout your day.
      3. All-in-one nutritional protein shake as a meal replacement for high nutrition and easy digestion to maximize weight loss and energy.
      4. A mushroom based organic instant coffee as a healthy alternative to traditional coffee for those sensitive to stomach acid.
      5. Selection of hot organic teas

Protein Bars Protein Shake Coffee

Talking Points:

J’s Introduction: For those of you whom I have not yet met, my name is J. Forsyth and Dr. Skip’s Practice Manager.

Housekeeping items before I introduce Dr. Skip.

  • If you haven’t already signed in on our sign-in sheet we would really appreciate that!
  • I want to make sure everyone is aware of the bathrooms. Always important.
  • After the discussion we invite you back to our office for a little taste testing:  It’s literally right around the corner.

With that said: It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Skip Hart.  Dr. Skip is an Acupuncture Physician, board certified in Naturopathic Medicine and International Instructor of the Mercier Fertility Therapy.   He will share his dietary knowledge with his nearly 20 years in Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Skip’s INTRODUCTION:   The size of this lab coat is from my doctor’s residency in Conmaul Integrated Hospital in Seoul, S. Korea and is a reminder of my old days.  I knew when I was getting ready to graduate I had to live the brand.  At this time I weighted 245 lbs. and knew I needed to lose 75 lbs.

A Little more about me:

  1. Weight Struggle
  2. Asthmatic kid,
  3. Severe Allergies,
  4. Chronic Infections,
  5. Stress related illnesses,
  6. Clinician for Opti-fast Patients

HUMOR: Clearly, I lost all my hair. <WAIT FOR LAUGHTER>


Tonight we are going to cover:

  1. dangers in many Fad Diets,
  2. what to look for in a healthy program with moderation,
  3. some Patient Stories,
  4. and Wrap it up with where to get access to additional resources.
  5. Open up for Q&A


  • Examples of Common Diets:
      1. Vegan
      2. Raw Food
      3. Lacto-vegetarian | Ovo-lacto-vegetarian
      4. Low-carb, calorie or sugar
      5. Blood-type Diet
      6. Keto Diet
      7. South Beach and others…
      8. Cultural Diets – we tried personally
  • Three Dangers in most Fad Diets:
      1. Impacts of sugar imbalance: Worst Case: Diabetic Response, LIV Hangry/Immune Disruption
      2. Impacts of a fat & caloric starvation:  Body goes into Survival Mode and disease can thrive
      3. Impacts of nutritional starvation: Strain on Organ Function: Worst Case: Keto Kidney Stress
  • Three things to look for in a Healthy Diet Program:
      1. Highly Nutritional and Absorbable Nutrients and good fats
        1. Revs the metabolism for fat burning, increases energy, which typically increases activity because you ‘feel good’. Balances sex hormones.
      2. Easily Digestible Food within a healthy caloric intake range:
        1. Takes the strain off of the digestive system and allows the body to burn fat and energy more efficiently.  Feel lighter and energized.
        2. Immune System strengthens as your gut system gets a break and can begin healing any damage. Immune system is in your gut.
      3. How you Eat?: Secrets to eat well and lose weight. Eat something every few hours.
        1. King for Breakfast: Rev your metabolism for a day of energy – sets your foundation.
        2. Prince for Lunch: Keep your fuel in place for the afternoon grind and keep energy up.
        3. Pauper for Dinner: Sleep on less fuel to minimize fat cell creation. Starting to wind down for your overnight fast. Some people need a small snack before bed.
        4. With snacks every few hours in between meals to keep the metabolism going for energy and fat reduction.
  • Patient Stories:
      1. ‘J.’ my practice manager followed my diet protocol and lost 8 lbs. in 8 days, plateaued a week and a half (making him pissed) and then lost up to 25 lbs. the following few weeks.
      2. Another patient followed the protocol, but did protein bars in exchange for the shakes I typically recommend and lost over 30 lbs. in 3 months and still continues the breakfast and snack regime after he met his weight-loss goal.

Conclusion: Resources: Diet plan recommendations are published on my website.  I will have J. send you an email with links to the cliff notes of tonight’s event.