Trouble Sleeping?

I have been having difficulty sleeping for the past several months. I lie awake constantly during the night and find myself staring at the ceiling. I have tried various products over the counter and nothing seems to be working… what should I do?

I have been treating clients with much success for years with a simple remedy… magnesium.  A basic mineral that is needed for virtually every cellular function – works fantastically with insomnia.  I have personally used and recommended to my clients every type of magnesium supplementation imaginable.  The one that I have found that works for me and from the feedback of my clients is called Natural Calm, by Peter Gillham.  Taken 45 minutes or so  before bed will work wonders if you are having difficulty getting to sleep.

I would recommend the flavored one (lemon or raspberry) as it tastes much better than the unflavored one.  Careful when pouring the hot water on top of the magnesium powder as it has a tendency to foam up and overflow from the cup.  Make this a nightly ritual – (1) make your magnesium drink (2) turn off the television to help wind down from the day and prepare for bed. (3) listen to some relaxing music. (4) make sure your bedroom is pitch black for sleeping. By doing this, and getting into a pattern your body will begin to get accustomed to this relaxation and the trouble sleeping will diminish.  Insomnia can be a pattern that needs to be changed and once it is your body goes right back to doing what it needs to…. sleep!

Listen to your body… when you are tired… GO TO BED!!!

Magnesium works to help you sleep because it helps the muscles and the body relax and produces all the hormones necessary for a restful sleep.  Please, all keep in mind that stress and anxiety are among the leading causes of interruption in sleep.  One of the best ways to help take control of insomnia, that can be used in conjunction with magnesium is meditation.  See blog on meditation.

Additional Ideas to help with sleep are Mag Oil and Sero-Nutrients.