Tipped Uterus Pain Treatment by Dallas Holistic Doctor Skip

Tipped Uterus – It’s Not a Joke

Yes, a uterus can actually be ‘tipped’.  The uterus (womb) is a major hormone-producing organ. On one end is the cervix leading to the vagina while the other end leads to the fallopian tubes. The alignment of this organ is crucial for proper hormone health and blood circulation and most importantly, healthy fertility. This organ is noted to be mal-positioned on almost every single medical report we see. Often, during an appointment with me, our clients show us large charts of the barrage of medical testing they have done before seeing me-surprisingly, and almost never, is anything done to address this malposition. Good thing we do Merciér Therapy. I have seen this kick start an inactive period of almost 18 months in a young female client of 23 years.

The alignment of this organ and its importance should not be understated. This organ is one of the primary producers of the female sex hormones. If it isn’t positioned properly and not getting proper blood flow then how can it function properly, effectively and even correctly? It’s no wonder so many women are needlessly suffering from pelvic pain.  Call our office at (972) 530-4609 or complete our contact form for a consultation.