Swine Flu…What to do??

Okay guys and girls…I have been asked this question repeatedly.  Is there anything to worry about?  My answer is the same as it was when the question contained the words “bird” and flu together.  No!!  It is still the flu and the best defense is a good offense.  Those of you who know me closely – know that I am not a sports fan and are probably laughing that I used a sporting reference.  But in this case it just fits perfectly.


I don’t advocate being quite this close and personal with members of the swine family (see pic of kid kissing the piggy).  At this point we do not need to be any more worried about this than the regular flu.  I recommend to my clients, clients, friends…anyone who will listen to me rant – that you should not consume pork and pork based products.

Their meat is very similar to human flesh and contains some bacteria that isn’t really good for people.  I say this from a wellness standpoint because I understand that people have eaten pork for their entire lives and live to a ripe old age.  There are just so many things bombarding our systems that we need to reduce the toxic load in as many areas that we can.

By reducing this toxic load we are thus reducing our risks for bacterial, viral and fungal infections as well as other diseases and cancers.  Pork is just an unclean meat.  That is one of the reasons why folks of the Jewish faith do not consume pork.

What we need to focus on is keeping our immune system functioning at top capacity.

Drink lots of optimized (hydromag) water each day
Take a good quality, absorb-able vitamin c (lypospheric vitamin c)
Pau d’ Arco is good for an immune boost
Colloidal Silver to keep the overall bacterial, viral, fungal load to a minimum
A high quality multivitamin/mineral – Beyond Chelation Improved
Vitamin D and Sunlight (15 minutes with as much exposed skin as possible 4-5 times per week)
Liver/Kidney Cleanse – maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our detoxifying organs

Please don’t mistake or misquote me here…I am not saying that if you do these things you will not get the flu or even get sick.  It’s really okay to get sick.  It shows that your immune system is doing its job.  Being sick isn’t fun, but what doesn’t kill us make us stronger.  Its like the gym for your immune system.  When you do get sick the worst thing to do is start taking unnecessary antibiotics.  There are so many cases that can be treated just as easily (in most cases easier and more effective) that using antibiotics.  I know we don’t have time to be sick, but you are doing far worse by your body and potentially increasing the risk of stronger, hard to kill and resistant to antibiotic bacterial “sugerbug” by taking antibiotics when you don’t actually need them.

In most cases it really is a transient virus running its course.  Even if there is some bacterial implication I would still recommend colloidal silver because that takes care of both – virus and bacteria.  If you think you may have the flu or want additional information on implementing a protocol for wellness or to assist your body in working through an illness don’t hesitate to AskDrSkip. 🙂

There are no toxicity reports in any of the clinical studies, nor have there been any side effects reported, except for an occasional case of cramps during the process where the stones are purging. If this is something you experience, the dosage can be cut in half.

It is safe for pregnant woman to take.

Please do not undertake a liver cleanse without some help from a health care practitioner.  Cleaning the liver is a lengthy process and should be followed through until completion once you begin.  It can be several months, if not years on and off of cleaning to gain optimal results.  Remember it takes years to build up a clogged, unhealthy liver.  It will take time to regain your health.  Be client.  One thing at a time!  Health and wellness are right around the corner.  Keep up the good work.