Sticking To Your Diet!!

How to Stick to Your Diet!

IT CAN BE DONE – Let us help you!

The type of diet that you select actually has less to do with your actual weight loss than adhering to the plan you have chosen.  This is a “duh” statement.  Everyone knows this.  You don’t have to go to medical school to understand this.  However, it is so much easier said than done…right?  Well I have been there personally.  Those of you who know me personally and professionally know that I used to be significantly overweight.  I was once over 230 pounds and XL shirt and wore a size 38 waist.  Now I am 175 pounds,  M shirt and a size 30 waist.  This didn’t happen overnight.  It took determination and control…control over my eating habits and the emotional issues that were linked with my food intake.

To help break free of this roller coaster of a viscous cycle AskDrSkip is offering some effective ways to overcome common diet pitfalls so you will meet and keep your goals and not only look great but be healthy.

Don’t forget…You are in control!! Take Charge!
While diet and exercise are paramount in the paradigm, it’s not just about the food specifically.  It’s also about feeling like you can control your cravings, body and subsequently your life.  Many of us (and I was one of those people) tend to use food as a reward and/or a way to feel better when we are dealing with a stressful situation or time in our lives.  One main problem is that we end up feeling worse later because then our clothes don’t fit – and we spiral down emotionally.  Then the cycle continues.  You are control of what you put in your mouth.  Take control. The best way to handle this issue is to keep a food diary.  This will help you not only see where you are getting those extra calories and what you can cut out – it will make you think twice before unconsciously popping food into your mouth without thinking.  Ask yourself, “do I really want/need this?”   At AskDrSkip, our weight loss clients are required to maintain an up-to-date food diary and follow a strict caloric recommendation based on individualized parameters.  However, without this requirement being met the program and weight loss will not be effective.  Habits and the emotional connection to food must be changed.

Create a support Network!
Surround yourself with people who are willing to help you meet your goals.  All of us have “bad influences” who tell us we look fine just the way we are because they love us.  There is no bending on this one…You must surround yourself with people who respect your goals.  They must support you and be willing to be your advocate.  It may be important that you see a life coach or the like.  My office addresses the physical, neurotransmitter and wellness aspects of weight loss.  We work very closely with a life coach that oversees the emotional aspect – which is a critical piece to losing weight, maintain it and regaining health.  There are also many wonderful support groups like Overeaters Anonymous.  Having a friend or co-worker to get on-board the health train with you to lose weight is a fantastic idea.  For me personally, having someone there with me was paramount and one of the reasons that I was able to overcome some difficult hurdles in regards to weight loss.  You can keep each other accountable for your food choices and exercise schedule.

Set a goal and stick to it! NO EXCUSES!
Set your goal and keep it.  Excuses are a dime a dozen.  Create a plan and then a strategy to meet and reach your goals.  We at AskDrSkip are here to oversee this aspect.  Let us take the guess work out of this aspect for you.  Be specific with your goals, we will come up with a time frame for your weight loss, your goal weight as well as what to eat, calorie intake, etc.  Please remember that you must be willing and ready to undertake the weight loss program. We can only do so much – you have to put forth the effort and commitment.  Without that, your weight loss goals are destined to fail.  The road at times can be difficult in regards to losing weight but the weight can be lost and it is very rewarding!  Hang in there – we are here for you!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!  We will help you reach your goals.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew…No pun intended!
Increasing you fruit and vegetable intake and cut out all junk food is a must in the overall grand scheme of losing weight and keeping it off.   That being said…Please don’t try to go cold turkey.  We will help you set smaller, obtainable goals.  This is one of the main reasons that we have you come in for a weekly visit (not just to weigh you, but also to help educate you on your healthy new lifestyle).  We have done you a great dis-service if after you have lost all of your weight and you have reached you goals and you go right back to your old habits.  The key to our program is education.  By the time you have reached your goals you will have the knowledge and tools to maintain your svelte new figure.  One of the things that we, at the clinic will assist you with is your food choices.  For example, depending on your specific needs, we require that you drastically reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates and processed foods and increase your vegetable intake.  Not only is this of benefit to your health it is also assisting in the weight loss and increasing your metabolism.  The addition of fruits and veggies to your diet can be done very easily with the addition of an amazing product called Nanogreens.  It is available through  I have used and tried many green drinks over the years and I have personally taken out all of the guess work for you.  This is an amazing product and by far the best tasting green drink I have found.

Plan your meals ahead of time!
One of the biggest issues that we see is that when you get hungry you lose all self control and your food choices are unhealthy.  Plan ahead.  With a small amount a preparation you will be able to stay on the right path and continue/maintain your weight loss.  First and foremost – NEVER GO TO THE GROCERY STORE HUNGRY!  This is the biggest mistake…everything will look so good to you and you will be more inclined to purchase the “naughty” foods.  Please…I implore you…keep healthy options on hand, and be resolved to pass on dessert or alcohol (or in my case…cookies).  Staying on course now will help you look and feel better later… I assure you!   Good choices to have on hand are fresh fruits, veggies, dry roasted nuts – almonds, walnuts, etc., as well as, organic/preservative free beef/turkey jerky, protein bars and the like.  Please be cautious and read labels…you must steer clear of high carbs and sugar.  This can be done.  Be client.  We are here if you have any questions and to help you stay the course.

Hold yourself accountable!
So you slipped up and ate half a box of cookies – who hasn’t?  I know I have.  I would be lying if I tried to tell you otherwise.  You-know-who would strike me down and those who know me would laugh themselves silly because they know what a cookie freak I am. So…now what??  When you slip up and it happens…confess it to someone!  This will help you to get it off your chest keeps you honest. Admit you made a mistake and move forward…do not let this defeat you.  Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It took many years for you to get where you are and we are not in a race.  When you lose weight the healthy way you have more assurances your metabolism has been healed and you will keep the weight off.

Don’t feel bad!
Like I said above if you have fallen off the wagon, don’t expend energy feeling bad about it.  That will tend to keep you unmotivated and shift your attention from your goals.  The feelings of guilt can make you depressed, which can possibly make you turn to those comfort foods.  Instead, acknowledge you made a mistake, dust yourself off and get back on that proverbial horse.  This is about being empowered and shifting your perception about weight, life and situations.  Please try and see the positive lesson learned in every situation in your life.  If you look at it from that point of view – every situation – even those we typically view as negative can actually be a blessing.

It’s not about dieting, but making lifestyle changes!
I hate the word “diet”.  I use it because it is more or less a catch phrase.  When I say diet, what I am actually referring to here is the manner in which we eat.  That is one of the issues that we work with in my office. By making better choices, you are going to lose weight and be healthier.  Being in the complementary and alternative medical field for so many years – I want both.  Keeping the goals you set for yourself is the cornerstone for achieving what you want in all aspects and areas of your life.  By improving your health you will be energized, your confidence increases exponentially and you will exude that to others. You will be able to pay it forward and, in my opinion, that is a very good thing to do for both yourself and humanity as a whole.  Health and self-confidence are worth more than all the cakes and pies in the world.