Hydrogen Peroxide for Cold – Get Rid of Cold Easily

Hydrogen Peroxide for Cold – Rid Yourself of Pesky Cold

Summer colds seem to me to be the worst, but regardless of the season: An easy tip to expedite your recovery for any cold (summer or not) is to put a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (the tall bottle) with your distilled water in a cold mist humidifier (not the hot steam ones). The cold humidifiers in my opinion are more effective and healthy and the hydrogen peroxide will note work in steam humidifiers. Put it as close to your bed as you can so you can breathe it over night.  If it is too strong… just move it back some.  This is a safe way to breathe in a safe agent to fight bacteria, fungal and/or viral properties contributing to that yucky feeling and get you back on the road to health.