Easy Weight Loss TipsIntroduction: The following plan is designed on a very simple principle.  Be aware of what you eat for caloric intake, choose foods that are very EASY for the body to digest, and supplement with very high nutritional shakes to help maximize your body’s healing process which for most, translates to increased energy, alertness and improved quality of life. The shakes can be mixed with water, juice or milk; however I recommend only mixing with water for lower caloric intake, less acidity that is prone with juices and lactose digestion issues that milk often creates.  This program is designed to give your body the chance to “heal” itself because you are not taxing your digestive system.

Food Diary:  If it isn’t easy, people will not do it.  We recommend you download the free app “myfitnesspal” or go to their website if you do not have a smart phone.  This application will make tracking what you consume very easy.  You set your information including current weight and what your goal weight is.  The tool will automatically provide a caloric intake based on your weight loss goals, your exercise program, etc.

Note: The app even allows you to scan a bar code of a food item you are eating for ease with loading and provides a daily summary readout so you can ensure you have enough protein, fiber, key vitamins etc. in your dietary choices. All the shakes are loaded into the app so just scan and your caloric intake is loaded. Things to avoid: Dairy products, breads, and complex carbs.

The NanoMeal ($49.95 for a mo. supply), NanoPro ($39.95 for a mo. supply), and NanoGreens ($49.95 for a mo. supply) products are available through health care professionals only.  Dr. Skip’s Dispensary has arranged 20% off the retail prices above.  It may seem like a lot, but as you look at the following program you will see that your food bill will more than likely drop considerably and will pay for itself.

Eat Like a King for Breakfast

Breakfast:  Eating it is essential! Keep your caloric intake higher at breakfast and this recipe is especially good for people who may have high cholesterol or digestive issues and it does ensure you have a good amount of fiber to help the cleansing process (as well as suppress appetite by making you feel full), which is an important component to the effectiveness of the shakes and program.  If you do this at home before you leave for work it is an easy process and will fill you up. Please make sure you are having at least one completely formed bowel movement each day. If not, contact me for additional information.

Mix the following for breakfast and do not forget to log your coffee/tea.  An average cup of coffee with sugar/cream is 30 calories. It’s quick, easy and very healthy for you.




Suggested Brand


1 small banana – sliced


Any organic will do

Organic whole Ground Flax-seed

2 tbsp.


Bob’s Red Mill

Oat Bran

2 tbsp.


Bob’s Red Mill

Fat Free French Vanilla Yogurt

1 cup



Mid Morning Breakfast Shake:  For those of you that are not used to eating breakfast this will give you a jump start to your metabolism to help maximize your energy and weight loss. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find that you are hungry in a few hours. This is where the NanoMeal comes in. Do NOT allow yourself to become hungry! EAT every few hours.

Approximately, 2 hours after you have eaten breakfast prepare your NanoMeal shake.  This supplement is very high in vitamins, omegas, minerals, fiber and protein as well as detoxification components to help you cleanse and boost your immune system.  This is a key ingredient in maximizing your metabolism and contains the antioxidants of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Eat Like a Prince for Lunch

Lunch:   The important thing is to choose things that are very easy to digest like soup or salad.  Soups can contain beef, chicken and even noodles. Add a package of Veetee Basmati Rice or Seeds of Change Quinoa/Whole Grain Brown Rice to bulk up your food to avoid any hunger issues. When eating a salad try using sunflower oil and balsamic vinegar.  Be very careful with salad dressings as they are high in fat and calories.  When choosing a soup, be careful to keep the calories and sodium low.  High sodium can make you bloat. Mix this up so that you have a variety in your diet and don’t forget to log in your food diary. Logging your foods has been shown to help people with weight loss by drastically reducing food intake because you are much more careful with what you put in your mouth when you have to write it down. Most hunger pains are actually more of  habit and usually are from dehydration. Drink plenty of water!

Afternoon Shake:  To keep your metabolism going and to ensure you have enough protein that your weight loss does not result in muscle mass loss we recommend that approximately, 2 hours after you have eaten lunch prepare your NanoPro shake.  This supplement is very high in protein, promotes good immune and intestinal support, continues your detoxification and helps normalize your blood sugar and works as an appetite suppressant.

NOTE: if you are hungry in the late afternoon – EAT something.  Have a piece of fruit or a small handful of nuts.  Just work to keep to your myfitnesspal caloric intake for the day.  Just note that when eating fruit it should always be on an empty stomach to ensure maximum digestion.  Also try consuming water or oolong tea to help curb your appetite.  There are also natural appetite suppressants that are available that I can provide, however, most people are not hungry.

Eat Like a Pauper for Dinner

Dinner and Shake:  This should be the smallest meal of your day and should still consist of very easily digestible items like soup and salads.  Mimic your lunch and add the quinoa or rice if you need to, but try and lower your portion from what you had at lunch. Then add a NanoGreens shake to continue your metabolism and will keep your energy strong into the evening and ensure your blood sugar is normalized. Do NOT eat after 8pm.

NOTE: The same hold true, if you are hungry in the evening – EAT something, just keep it small and healthy. You may eat an unlimited amount of vegetables and salads. Fruits are ok as well but must be eaten 30 minutes before or several hours after eating anything else. No creamy dressings and minimal amounts of vegetables such as peas, carrots and corn. Keep meat consumption to the size of your palm and as a general rule do NOT mix proteins and carbs together at any meal. I’d prefer if your last meat protein consumption was at lunch. Not paramount. If you must eat a ‘meat’ at dinner, a small piece of grilled fish or the like is the way to go!

WARNING: Pregnant and nursing mothers, anyone taking prescription medications, or prior to any surgical procedures, inform Dr. Skip as well as their physician and/or pharmacist before taking this or any other dietary supplementation or before starting a weight loss/diet plan. www.askdrskip.com/disclaimer