What is Fatigue?

Fatigue is a very common issue causing extreme tiredness, feeling completely drained and not having the gusto to get through your day. Many people who experience fatigue are also walking around through life under very high levels of stress thus further exacerbating the problem of fatigue.

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Other issues related to why one may be fatigued could be due to:

  • A viral burden causing the immune system to be overworked and over stressed
  • Cellular dysregulation and tired mitochondria with an impaired ability to produce enough ATP to fill your body’s ‘gas tank’
  • Stress on the body causing the adrenal to work overtime producing too much cortisol or impairing thyroid function are also culprits to be on the look out for.

Quick Test for Fatigue

Lift down your eyelids and expose the underside of the bottom part of your eyelid. It should be a nice healthy deep pinkish color if enough healthy blood is circulating. If you are fatigued and the eyelid tissue is pale is color anemia may be a problem. Anemia is lack of enough iron in the body to keep the body functioning properly and its lack of something it desperately needs is missing. Especially bad if one consumes a traditional American diet which we all know if the opposite of eating in a healthy manner.

What are Common Symptoms of Fatigue?

  • The main symptom related to fatigue is oddly enough…fatigue. Some folks are so sleepy because circadian rhythms are off that falling asleep/staying asleep and waking feeling rested and ready to tackle the day just don’t happen. The body is overtaxed and needs a break.
  • Insomnia and headaches are among of litany of other symptoms that can be present.

Fatigue is such a broad symptom and a complete medical history should be discussed to ascertain which direction to go when trying to get to the root of any health crisis. Certain symptoms in conjunction with the tiredness would clue us in on what testing would be apropos to start. Things like sex hormones, adrenal cortisol levels, thyroid, vitamin d levels, iron, iodine, magnesium, too much adrenaline, not enough progesterone all may contribute to the underlying cause of fatigue. Depends on the person and the entirety of their medial history and complete symptom package.

What can Dr. Skip do to reduce Fatigue and get my life back?

Dr. Skip will do everything to work to getting to the root cause of your problem. Testing is critical and key. Functional evaluations of your blood, sex hormones, endocrine and metabolic system is imperative to properly balance the body thus returning it to homeostasis or its natural balanced state.

We focus on individualized holistic treatment options and are never cookie cut or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We will work diligently to balance your system and make necessary adaptions to your life style to maximize your well being.

How can I find you?

We know that once you have your initial consultation with Dr. Skip, you will leave his office confidently educated with control over your health. We look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey.

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