Virtual Telemedicine Consultation Doctor offering Virtual Health Services in Dallas

How Do You Stay Ahead of Today’s Self-Service / Virtual Healthcare Services

In today’s digital age, there can be no doubt that all industries must keep up technologically to meet self-service expectations of millennials in particular. The generation of ‘today’ does not want to be bothered to call in or be placed in a phone queue when they can pull up their smart phone and perform the action voice-free with immediate ease.

With that said, companies have the ongoing task to make interactions simple and virtual by finding new ways to use technology and communication advances. We at ASKDRSKIP.COM, LLC, are no different. Particularly, a trend toward virtual holistic healthcare consultations, wherever possible, is on the rise. Without high speed connectivity, video conferencing, electronic delivery of information and the quick speed at which items can be shipped, this would not be possible.

Here is how we are leading the charge in virtual health consultations, that we believe will soon be an offering of health practitioners everywhere. We hope that by sharing some of our tools, other offices can help their clients the same way we do.

  • Virtual Booking: A client can use the ‘Book Now‘ button and immediately pull up Dr. Skip’s calendar and find availability. They are sent email confirmation with links to add this to their personal or work calendar along with text reminders a day and hour before their appointment booking. Need to reschedule? No problem, you can do that virtually as well.
  • Virtual Consultation: with the use of video conferencing, our offices can easily reach out to a client anywhere in the world for a health consultation.
  • Wellness Client Intake downloaded and uploaded: Our extensive health history paperwork (link) that helps Dr. Skip ascertain root cause analysis for whatever symptoms the client may be experiencing is available for download on our website with instructions to upload the completed information via our contact form or fax, whichever is easier to the user.
  • Lab Testing via emailed requisition or home test kit: should additional testing be necessary, electronically, a lab requisition form can be sent directly to the client so that they can then go to a lab close to them, or a lab kit can be sent directly to their home or office (i.e. saliva / blood spot).
  • Electronic Health Protocol: upon the completion of the health consultation, a client is provided with an electronic wellness protocol, with specific home health and/or supplementation recommendations based on their symptomatology or goals.
  • E-Script: Clients are provided with an e-script to make any natural prescription orders online at below retail negotiated prices (approximately 20%) with a third-party distributor. Prescriptions are ordered for delivery to the client’s home or office and orders can be setup for auto-ship and / or reminders for reordering. Need them quickly because you are going out of town? Not a problem, there are fast delivery options available to you.
  • Need a virtual follow-up appointment?: No problem, as an established client, simply click on the ‘Book Now‘ button and request a follow-up.

All this can be done at the convenience of the client without ever stepping foot in our local office.

Are you a health practitioner that needs consulting help setting up your own practice with virtual wellness tools and options? We would be happy to help you: Send us a request on our ‘Contact Us‘ page and our office will get back with you.