What is meant by the term ‘Pharmaceuticals’?

This is a classification of ‘drugs’ as generally prescribed by conventional medical doctors as primary treatments for various maladies. These approved ‘drugs’ used in conventional medicine are developed by the pharmaceutical industry. Many medications functions are actually accidentally discovered side-effects from other uses. Medicine is a business like any other and money makes the wheel go-round.

Alternative healthcare is sometimes viewed negatively and takes a good deal of flak from conventional medical counterparts. Some believe those of us practicing alternative healthcare are quacks. Their standard of care is dictated by insurance companies looking at a bottom-line budgets and not your health. Let’s not forget the overuse of pharmaceuticals as well as the horrific reactions and side-effects (both short and long-term) causing the need for other medications and interventions. And holistic medicine is knocked for recommending the consumption of highly nutritional foods and avoidance of toxins – and they say we are the quacks? All of this is very disconcerting to me.

It’s disconcerting because medication use is so high and nutrition and overall health is so poor. People are chronically dehydrated, undernourished and overfed. Nutritional recommendations in lieu of a pill are extremely rare. Catastrophic and complex diseases are on the rise. Wellness Clients are on a multiplicity of medications. Because of the sheer amount of medications available on the market, coupled with everyone’s unique, biochemical makeup in processing or handling medications, it is outside of our purview to even understand what is happening – good or bad – when more than about 2-3 medications are used simultaneously. This is not something that can be studied in a lab it is far too complex, hence the unknown dangers of these medications. The physician’s desk reference is a giant book filled with all the medications out there. Every drug has an obscene amount of information listed referencing its dangers and actions. Find this book sometime and pick a drug and read up on it. You will be surprised.

Medications are often blindly taken by clients and without an adequate understanding of just what that medication is being used for, the side-effects or any other miscellaneous contraindications it may have. You may not want impotence instead of hair loss when using the drug finasteride, for example. That is a very benign example of just what some of these drugs can create negatively in your body. The risk-to-benefit ratio of specific medications may very well not warrant their use. Side effects as a result could be worse than the reason you got the medication to being with.

The scary thing is they are used by millions every day. Please remember I am in no way saying that medications are all bad. Not at all. In fact we have awesome medications that really work wonders when used properly. More and more medications are being released that require their constant daily use and are expensive. Many require that your organs be monitored via blood tests to watch for damage. The fact is most people have no idea many medications currently in use are widely untested and misrepresented and still granted an “FDA Approved” status. At times drugs are approved with very little research behind them and then passed to the market for recuperation of research and development costs.

Please remember, that the risk/benefit ratio of your condition to the safety of the treatment must always be considered. This should not ever be taken lightly and this is almost always something that isn’t even considered. Drugs, vaccines and surgeries cannot be undone as a general rule. The damage is done. Many drugs used today were initially being researched and created with entirely different purposes in mind. While multiple benefits of a medication seems great, would you really want to take a medication to lower cholesterol levels that was originally intended to be used to kill cancer cells? Cancer is not a deficiency in chemotherapeutics and elevation in cholesterol levels certainly doesn’t constitute the unproven use for statin medications. Conservative statistics in conventional medicine show approximately 85% of standard medical practice is not really based in any statistical medical researched or proven data. There are very frightening statistics on that alone. Forget the whole frightening process on how medications get approval by the government.

Sorry for the rant. I am not saying that ‘big pharma’ is all bad. Not at all. In fact, thank God and the universe for the medications that we do have access to…and the hospitals and equipment meant to save our lives. I have always said that if you are seriously injured or in critical condition, you need to get your booty to the nearest emergency room.

Before you begin or do anything medically to yourself you should carefully review everything, including the benefits, risks, side effects and possible alternatives with your family, in your meditation or prayers and with your doctors. Only then should you make the decision to begin whatever therapy/medicine/surgery/holistic option or nutritional path the universe has helped present to you. Please do not take any of those choices lightly.

Please remember Dr. Skip does not recommend the discontinuation of medications prescribed by another practitioner. Visit pmai.us for additional information.


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