Virtual Health Coaching FAQ

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Preparing for Your Online Health Coaching Consultation

What do I need in preparation for a virtual online health consultation?

Communication Device: Virtual Health Coaching session implies the use of technology to supplement or replace the face to face experience.

Voice Only: You will need a phone, whether cell or landline, if you are comfortable with voice only.  For smartphone users, in addition to utilizing cell phone service, we also accept ‘voice only’ for Skype or FaceTime, if that is your preference.

Video Conferencing: For those that would prefer a more intimate experience, video conferencing may be more preferable.  Our office uses Skype and/or FaceTime (Apple users receive by default with an Apple ID), but there are many additional video conferencing apps that exist.  Therefore, if you do not already have an account you may need to request one. Click here for a Skype account (link).

Note-taking:  You may wish to have any questions for Dr. Skip, O.M.D., written in advance and be prepared to take notes during your health coaching session with the answers to your health inquiries.

Notebook / Pen:  I tend towards the traditional.  I find that nothing replaces a notebook and pen and I keep one with me at all times.

Online Note taking: These options are endless these days, however, I find that OneNote is by far my favorite because of the ease by which to type from any device whether PC, Laptop or mobile device and the syncing across all devices. I have however, heard good things about EverNote, but have not used it much myself.

Previously Submitted Forms / Information: It may be helpful to have your Wellness Client Intake Information either pulled up online or to have a printed copy in front of you, should Dr. Skip have any questions about a particular entry you made.

Please note that due to some out-of-state jurisdictional laws, we may not be allowed to request diagnostic labs, and therefore, virtual consultations require additional time, intake forms, and lengthier discussion to help us determine a root cause analysis in lieu of labs. In these instances, diagnosis and treatment are not provided as that is only accomplished via face to face appointments in our local clinic.

Hands-free: This function will make it much easier to take notes.  This may be as simple as utilizing a pair of headphones, a Bluetooth device or even placing the conference on speaker.

Private & Secure Space: Having a noiseless location where you can speak freely is essential.  We cannot over emphasize how important it will be to avoid distraction and interference during your online health coaching session with Dr. Skip.  Plan in advance to take your consult in the right location. This will make the experience more enjoyable.

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