Melatonin and Insomnia

Melatonin supplementation, may help make you sleepy. Melatonin is an ingredient included in a product I recommend (and use personally) called Kavinase-Ultra PM. If you want to try just Melatonin on its own, read below for some quick insight on dosing and optimal sleeping recommendations.

Ideally it is best to increase melatonin levels as naturally as possible. Exposing yourself to bright sunlight in the daytime (along with full spectrum fluorescent bulbs in the winter) and complete darkness at night is the most ideal. If you do this on a regular basis, you will enhance the functioning of your circadian rhythm, which is critical for a healthy sleep cycle. However, supplementation is necessary, you can try some sub-lingual melatonin. It’s is completely natural, made by your body, and has many health benefits additional to helping you sleep. In studies, melatonin has been shown to increase sleepiness, fall asleep quicker, staying asleep, decrease restlessness, and reduce/eliminate daytime fatigue.

Dosing is minimal. Taking high doses, such as 3 mg, can sometimes cause the reverse to happen. Start with 0.25mg or 0.5mg and adjust it to see what works best for you.