Introducing the Lifeline Technique

To all my dear clients, friends and family,

Many years ago, I trained in a technique that is aimed at removing emotional blocks from the subconscious manifesting as various physical and emotional symptoms. My passion for learning this technique stemmed from the dramatic experiences in healing I had when I was first treated by and exposed first hand to this life altering therapy.

My hectic schedule back in 2007 prevented me from implementing Lifeline into my practice at that time. As of today, I have finished refreshing and am ready to hit the ground running with this.

It is a very unique modality that uses muscle testing to assess where the imbalance is seated within the body which then enable us to clear it from the subsconsious leading to healing.

The LifeLine Technique, developed by Dr. Darren R. Weissman, is an advanced holistic system that discovers, interprets, and releases the root cause of physical and emotional symptoms and stress – emotions buried within the subconscious mind. When those emotions are harmonized with the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude, the body naturally responds as it was designed – as a self-healing organism. The key to healing is accessing the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind controls every function of the body including your heart rate, blood pressure, immunity, hormones, blood sugar, muscle tone, etc. The subconscious mind is the storehouse of emotions. At certain times in our lives, we don’t have the conscious tools to process those emotions. The LifeLine Practitioner uses a kinesiologically-based system and a LifeLine Flowchart to access the subconscious mind to determine which emotions are blocking the flow of energy throughout the body. Sessions utilizing the LifeLine Technique awaken you to the root cause of the painful, frightening, or stressful experiences that manifest as symptoms, such as physical pain, stress, or anxiety.

Coupled with the Five Basics of Optimal Health – the proper quantity, quality, and frequency of water, food, rest, exercise, and owning your power – you are able to create the best possible conditions for the body to heal itself.

The LifeLine Technique is the fusion of science and spirit. It incorporates the traditions of natural healing, the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, modern science, and the new frontier of energy medicine or energy healing into one easily accessible system. It can be utilized by everyone who wants to live a conscious life and transform the quality of their health. Ultimately, the more we become conscious as a result of sessions with the LifeLine Technique, the more we are able to create an empowering, intentional, healthy, and passionate life.

Since I want to expose as many of you as possible to this amazing, benefical and potentially life changing modality as well as laser sharpen my new skill, it is my pleasure and gift to offer this service at NO CHARGE to you all for the next 4 weeks.

Please contact my office at 972-530-4609 to schedule an appointment. I will also be extending this modality to the clients at the Innovative Healing Center in Plano, Texas in cooperation with Tena Scarber, M.S., L.Ac.

We can be reached at the Innovative Healing Center, 4100 West 15th Street, Suite 220, Plano, Teas 75093. Please call the Office at 972-742-1152 to schedule an appointment. I look forward to working with you all.

Be Well,
Dr. Skip

P.S. My loves…

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