Get a medical liaison; get the best therapy; reduce your costs

Health costs continue to be on the rise in this country.  Let me be your liaison and work with your personal doctor to formulate a truly integrative approach to your medical needs with the goal of affordable quality medical care.

True story: I have a client that works for a Fortune 500 company and has some of the best medical coverage in their industry, but the reality is that deductibles are so large for most people today, especially if you have family coverage.  This client needed hormone replacement therapy, which was prescribed by their primary care physician.  Unfortunately, after their insurance discount, it was still going to be $300 a month until their $2,400 in network or $7,200 out of network deductible was met.  With that said, my client called me in a panic to see if there was anything that could be done from an alternative medical perspective.  There was really no need, in this case, for an alternative therapy, because the client needed conventional hormone replacement.  So, with a simple call to a compounding pharmacy and their primary care physician we worked out a transfer of the same prescription which reduced the cost from $300 per month to $50 every 2 months for the same therapy.

Needless to say, the client was so relieved and made the comment, “I can’t believe that with only a donation to you, it just saved me thousands of dollars over the life of this treatment – I could have walked off a lot with a brand new SUV for what you saved me per month.”

It now became clear to me that people really need help, not just from an alternative health care situation, but also in their conventional health care.   So remember, if you are given a health care option that is outrageously expensive, you are not alone.  Contact my office and work with our Community Wellness Program and we will do what we can to help.

Be Well; Live Well,

Dr. Skip