Gut Issues and Detoxification!

I want to detoxify and cleanse my body.  What can I do?

The best place to begin detoxification is with your intestinal tract.   First and foremost, what I would do is the colon cleanse from Global Healing Center.  It’s called OxyPowder. and is just what the doctor ordered for cleansing the colon.

Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated compound that uses the power of oxygen to safely aid the body in relieving irritation associated with constipation symptoms.  A clean, toxin-free intestinal tract is the foundation for maintaining optimal health.  Did you know over 100 million Americans are constipated?

While this is a fantastic remedy for just about anyone with any type of chronic disease… I almost always recommend Terramin Clay.  There are two important reasons for optimal health your body needs this phenomenal Terramin Clay.  Now, I hope I have not lost you, as I know my recommendation here is to consume clay.  Keep an open mind and, if necessary for your health…give it a try!

Remineralization and Internal Detoxification!!

Even if you eat totally organic 100% of the time…you may not be getting the nutrition your body needs.  The most common degenerative diseases today–heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many others, can be linked to mineral and trace mineral deficiencies.  Without these precious trace minerals, your body is defenseless.  Studies show that mineral micro-nutrients are necessary for functions within every cell and its corresponding enzyme systems.  Your body needs more than just the ones that come to mind as part of a healthy diet.  The body needs dozens of trace minerals.  Most people are deficient in many trace minerals, mainly due to our soils, and foods grown in them, are deficent in the nutrients themselves.

Extensive research with TERRAMIN®, conducted by the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center and a number of other leading science and research institutions, has produced an exhausted list of benefits of this clay.

  • Energizes with ionic activity
  • Defends against internal toxins
  • Naturally detoxifies and cleanses your colon
  • Full-Spectrum source of trace minerals
  • Increases bio-availability/assimilation of calcium
  • High pH compound helps moderate acids in the body
  • Helps manage mineral assimilation with silica buffer
  • Preserved beneath the surface of the earth since before man’s presence, this substance is absolutely free of toxins and man-made chemicals.

The uses for this product are endless. The Native Americans have been using this for hundreds of years. Anything that has been utilized for so many years, and having such large amounts of benefits with minimal risk – I am all for it!

See Terramin & BioNue for additional invaluable information on gut issues and detoxification.