Chronic Back and Abdominal Pain Treatment in Dallas, Texas

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic Back, Joint & Abdominal Pain Relief Clinic in Dallas, TXChronic pain and overall body inflammation is at the root of any disease process, especially so in cases of pain. Day one of medical school discusses the main causative factors of disease and that little gem is, inflammation. Chronic pain suffers can rarely get off pain medications until the inflammation is resolved. While inflammation is a protective mechanism, hanging around for too long after the healing process has completed will lead to scar tissue and inflammation remaining, thereby, creating a ‘congestion’ in the system which perpetuates the pain, inflammation and impedes the body from returning to a state of wellness.

What symptoms would I expect if I suffer from chronic pain?

Quite simply, pain is experienced. Sharp, shooting, chronic, acute, bone pain, pelvic, abdominal, skeletal pain, nerve pain, neuropathies, dull aching, stiff joints, bulging discs, post-C-section/surgical pain, oh my! Pain is varied in experience and can be stemming from several different etiological conditions. The whole person must be taken into consideration and evaluated to properly address the root cause as quickly and effectively as we can.

Folks in pain can expect to feel sore when waking up with tight muscles, headaches, popping sounds in the joints, inability to touch ones’ toes, back aches, numbness, etc. These all stem from lack of circulation and blood flow, too much scar tissue, and inflammation in and around the ‘bull’s-eye’ areas of pain. Over time, scar tissue and adhesions that have formed from longstanding inflammation become ‘glue or cement’ like in the body prohibiting proper circulation.

Fatigue, hypertension, anxiety, anger, frustration, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and depression are also commonplace among people suffering in pain. This can be worse depending on the quantities of opioid based prescription meds needed to calm pain receptors. We make every efforts to address these circumstances as aggressively as the pain itself.

Please remember while medications can be effective in controlling pain they do nothing to address any underlying issues such as the inflammation that could be perpetuating your problem and keeping you from healing. Please don’t forget the worst side effects is the very high addictive and abuse potential of these meds. These factors make them extremely unfriendly for anyone to use more than a few days or weeks as stop gap. Natural methods such as acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage and other manual therapies are by far and away much more beneficial to increasing circulation to the joints and muscles keeping them supple, lubricated and flexible. They just take time, tenacity, and consistently. Please don’t give up. Inactivity for prolonged periods drastically increases lactic acid buildup, congested circulation and blocked lymphatic fluid, all contributing to increased incidences’ of pain and stagnation in the body. Especially after a catastrophic diagnosis like cancer or having a major surgery, we tend towards laxity and instead of aggressive methods to facilitate the healing process when the pain gets really bad, we don’t get correct help to keep the inflammation under contol as well as keeping joints and muscles mobile and working diligently to keep inactivity from wreaking havoc on our body.

What can Dr. Skip do to help me?

The most humane thing Dr. Skip can do for you in these instances is to recommend therapies and natural options for anti-inflammation to increase the circulation in your body and promote healing. Please remember never to stop any medications prescribed by your doctors. Dr. Skip is happy to coordinate care with your other providers and is trained in both Western and Eastern modalities to help guide you in all of the options available to you. Here is a short list of therapies that can be applied for Chronic Pain Wellness Clients.

  • DMSO: Click here to access other resources I have provided for management of pain. Also, visit Dr. Jacob’s body of works on the subject for a wealth of information from one of the pioneers in clinically using DMSO, with extraordinary results I might add. He was featured on 60 minutes many moons ago. Dr. Stanley Jacob has retired and left in his wake an amazing substance that provides so much relief with little more than skin irritation as a side effect. This product should not be ignored or underestimated. Please discuss its’ use with Dr. Skip before starting to make sure the correct strength and consistency is recommended for maximum effects. Many places reference this being toxic or dangerous. This simply is not true. Yes skin irritation is likely but transient and manageable. It’s use can be discussed openly with clients who are members of the Pastoral Medical Association and is available through my office.
  • Sonopuncture: This technique (puncturing with sound via tuning forks) is very helpful to create a sense of relaxation deep within the body and mind to help facilitate a quicker healing response whilst helping with problems such as insomnia, tension, anxiety, depression and irritation. It is very gentle and painless. Unlike its sister technique ‘acupuncture’, it affords the same benefits without the needles. Which, by the way, are painless in their own right and the needle circumference is the diameter of a hair. Unlike a hypodermic needle designed for piercing and cutting through the skin like a laser-edged plough, acupuncture needles gently glide through the tissues with ease. But we ‘Westerns’ are not accustomed to this procedure and can find it scary and somewhat daunting. Sonopuncture opens up a whole new way to get treatment with Oriental Medicine for the pain and without the needles. Most all recipients of this therapy are asleep or deeply relaxed within minutes of beginning the session. Click Sonopuncture to learn more about this cool technique.
  • Visceral manipulation: can be employed to increase circulation to reduce pain and inflammation. It is very effective in instances of endometriosis, PCOS, painful periods and low back pain. This technique breaks up the scar tissue that is all too often a big culprit in a person’s chronic pain.  By breaking up the scaring we truly give the body what it needs to heal and to ultimately deal with the inflammation.  Click Mercier Fertility Massage Therapy to learn more.
  • Moxibustion: a form of heat therapy is a technique in Chinese Medicine whereby botanical medicine known as mugwort is burned and used over the body to warm, increase circulation, remove/reduce stagnation, reduce pain and muscle tension by using specific acupuncture points prescribed for their individual functionality. It is very relaxing and effective.
  • Magnesium Supplementation: This mineral is integral to gaining control of pain and inflammation. It is depleted when using pharmaceuticals and while consuming a typical american ‘fast food type diet’. It is vital for almost all of our bodily processes. It is extremely awesome for muscle aches and pains, especially for people suffering from fibromyalgia. Magnesium is poorly absorbed through oral routes of administration. We offer an oral supplement with 3 different forms of the most powerfully absorbed forms we know of. Outside of absorbing about 25-30% of what you are taking orally, using transdermal magnesium through the skin is by far and away the most effective means by which to absorb, utilize and normalize your undoubtedly low magnesium levels. Generally ‘healthy’ of those among us in the population are still estimated to be deficient in the 80% range. That is too high. If you are in pain, the pain alone is indicative of the deficiency. Click here to learn more about magnesium supplementation.
  • Food Sensitivity Testing: if you are experiencing any gastrointestinal pain, acid reflux, bloating, painful joints, headaches, constipation, difficulty concentrating, etc. then testing for food sensitivities may be for you. Food sensitivities are as severe as food allergies so do not let the name ‘sensitivity’ fool you. The fact we eat the same foods over and over about 80% of the time does foster an unhealthy environment in the immune system and gastrointestinal tract that could be the cause of your pain. Foods such as those categorized as ‘night-shade’ mushroom, onions, potatoes, peppers can contribute significantly to issues like rheumatoid arthritis. Healing the gut and boosting the immune system through this methodology can offer significant health benefits and pain relief. Click here to learn more about Food Sensitivity Testing.
  • Functional Blood Testing: can be done to address inflammatory problems related to issues within the cardiovascular system. By running labs to check the levels of C-reactive protein, homocysteine, fibrinogen, etc., we can find where the problem is occurring and address accordingly. Stay hydrated, eat vegetables which are green, rest, stretch, practice gratitude and love. Click here to learn more about Functional Blood Testing.

How can I find you?

We know that once you have your initial consultation with Dr. Skip, you will leave his office confidently educated with control over your health.  We look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey and getting you out of pain.

  • Dr. Skip is available by appointment only at his Uptown Dallas Office (click here for Google Maps). Call us at (972) 530-4609 to schedule a consultation in person or virtually (via phone, Skype or FaceTime).
  • Contact us online via our contact form at Please provide us a few options for scheduling opportunities.