Anti-Aging Longevity Doctor Near Me in Dallas, TX

What does it mean when we use the term ‘Anti-aging or Longevity’?

Learn Fundamentals of Anti-aging or Longevity at Anti Aging Clinic in Texas

Whether you are seeking natural fertility treatments, or a holistic doctor in Dallas, Longevity and Anti-aging are at the proverbial core and foundation of the medical philosophy practiced in our clinic. I dislike the term ‘anti-aging’ as it has become very commercialized and overused. Much like its close relation, ‘Detoxification’. Almost so overused that we begin to doubt the authenticity of their effectiveness and possibly the meaning to our bodies. Notwithstanding the nonsense created by the advertising world, at their core these words and philosophies are profound and highly effective for maintaining health and longevity in our lives. To me, health is much more than longevity – It’s quality of life. If the quality is poor, screw the duration part.

We often forget just how important ascertaining and maintaining the health of some key important functions and nutrients in the body can be on our overall wellness. This wellness includes not just symptom improvement in the short term, but also cost savings in the long run from decreased absenteeism to the prevention of serious health problems like heart attacks, strokes and cancers which are all too often financially debilitating.

Why should Anti-aging / Longevity be important to me?

Longevity should be important to you because if the foundation of your overall health is weak you are more likely to have to deal with some degree of malfunctioning within your body well before its time. The fact that everyone these days feels bad, has no energy, consumes massive quantities of energy drinks and coffee to get through the day, suffer from headaches and stress, lack of sleep, etc., does not make these things normal. It does mean we’ve become acclimated and accustomed to them, which isn’t good either. These often overlooked symptoms can be the key to problems with infertility or general wellness issues. Becoming consciously aware that the symptoms are screaming reminders from our bodies that something is wrong and should be dealt with to maintain balance and homeostasis. Things that should be evaluated and balanced are things you’ve probably heard me talking about on the soap box before, but like I always say we teach what we need to learn the most so this is just as an important of a reminder for me as well. Taking an active part in your health will save you time, money, and suffering.

Consider the following: Vitamin D, magnesium, iodine, hormone & blood sugar balance, selenium, thyroid function, adrenal health and minimizing the damaging effects of stress on your body all contribute to anti-aging fundamentals.

What can Dr. Skip do to help me?

  1. Hormone Evaluation: of progesterone, DHEA, estrogen, cortisol levels, testosterone and a subsequent consultation to provide you with a personal hormone balancing protocol tailored to your individualized results. Click here to read more on Bio-identical Hormone Rebalancing Therapy.
  2. Lifestyle/Nutrition: Where discussions of issues that you yourself may be doing to make your condition worse and what and how you should eat and why. Why you should never diet or use non-fat and artificial sweetened products, ever.       Click here for more information on Wellness Consultations.

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