Candida, Fatigue, Fungi, Herpes, Rashes, Viral Infections and Hepatitis

Rupronol is truly one of the most amazing products that I have ever come across. A friend of mine, who works for Healthwalk, that I met in India on a trip with Humanity in Unity and Vitamin Angels showed me enough information in a clinical sense to warrant further investigation of this product.

It is used commonly for all types of viral infections, fungus, yeast, etc. with great results. One of the most important factors here to remember that if one is to embark on a process of cleansing the system – it takes persistence and a commitment. This product in an aggressive manner has to be taken every 2 waking hours for up to 3 months. Then a break is taken and the protocol is reassessed.

The other thing that I need to strongly recommend here is that if you make the commitment to go through the cleansing process with this product that you do not stop. It is not uncommon for things to get worse before they get better. But that adage holds true. I have seen it in clinical practice time and time again.

Also, it is important to note here as well… you can’t just take this product and not do the other things to improve your health. …You know what I am talking about here. Nutrition, diet and exercise. Sugar and especially refined sugar intake/consumption must be reduced (if not totally eliminated). This includes breads and pastas! As I am sure you already know… also eliminate anything processed (this is just about always something that you have to take out of a wrapper).

As I am sure many of you that know me are already aware that my medical philosophy revolves around the paradigm that yeast, candida and viruses are the main issues that we need to resolve. That being said it can’t be the only way we go about trying to correct the imbalance. The other holistic methods must be employed.

If you have any questions about implementation of this product into your protocol please contact me for a consultation. Please also re-read any articles on cancer especially in regards to the issue of whether or not cancer is a fungus!

Be Well!