The truth about Birth control pills

Are birth control pills natural? Hell to the ‘no’!

These are artificial, synthetic hormones used to control the menstrual cycle and prevent pregnancy in females. While prevention of pregnancy is a giant topic all on its own, the use of these pills to halt the cycle has damaging and sometimes lasting effects on the female body. Especially on the reproductive organs. Long term use of these medications can have damaging effects on your delicate hormonal system.

I often use the analogy of receptor sites being like ‘locks’ and hormones as ‘keys’. A synthetic hormone is very much a ‘key’ that while it may slide most of the way into the ‘lock’ it will not actually fit and certainly will not be able to trigger the mechanism to open. A natural (‘key’) hormone is immediately recognized by the receptor site (‘lock’) and utilized in a much safer, effective and bioavailable way. The key actually fits the lock and unlocks it. It is truly feeding a deficiency and is very safe when needed; as evaluated by specific symptoms and laboratory salivary hormone levels.

Not bleeding is not natural for your body and certainly not the way your delicate body was inherently designed to operate. This function of the woman’s body can sometime be a frustrating and annoying issue (so I’ve heard) but I assure you it is part of a greater design of your system and we can’t even begin to pretend as if we understand everything the body is doing during the cycles. By forcibly stopping it, it creates issues and additional symptoms and dis-eases later on down the road.

For example: uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease, irregular and painful periods, headaches, acne, mood swings and infertility can all be issues exacerbated by the use of birth control pills. Some of those were the very things they probably recommended birth control pills for. I see this same phenomena many times with my thyroid clients on prescription medications that still have no energy and symptoms.

I do not generally recommend their use if at all possible. That being said everything has a time and place. Please feel free to discuss your unique and individualized situation with Dr. Skip, your holistic doctor in Dallas for personalization of your health plan.