#B12 – So Many #Benefits in Such a Small Pill!!

This wonderful supplement goes way beyond any other B12 products that I have seen, used or recommended for my clients. It’s unique sublingual formula provides 2000mcg Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), 30mg NSE Methylators, 200mcg Folic Acid, 25mcg Biotin, 4mg Vitamin B-6, as several other co-factors.  Research supports the fact that sublingual administration of B-12 provides almost identical benefits as injections of Vitamin B-12.

When taken in combination with our Lypospheric Vitamin C, dramatic lowering of homocysteine levels and benefits in prevention of Alzheimer’s, aging, cancer and arteriosclerosis have been seen. Do some additional research about what major organizations like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are saying about high levels of homocysteine.  Beyond B-12 brings the most beneficial B Vitamins, along with Folic acid and B-6 into the body in a proven absorbable method.  This is so important because if you are not absorbing it you are wasting your money and offering no health benefits to your system.

Folic acid deficiency is a problem of epidemic proportions. Folic acid deficient people are extremely susceptible to viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Drinking alcohol will destroy folic acid stores within your body making you deficient. This process can happen very quickly. Folic acid has been shown to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and minimize the severity of symptoms. There are studies that show that a large portion of all pregnant women are at a severe risk of folic acid deficiency, which can lead to cleft palate, brain damage and developmental and learning disabilities in the child.  Folic acid has also been shown to help combat a circulation problem.  This is such a common problem in the aging population.  It offers an effective method to dilate the small vessels.  Folic Acid along with B12 and the supplement WOBENZYM offers effective cardiovascular support unlike the use of aspirin which may give you a false sense of security when you are trying to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

B-6 is quite different but vital to assist with the body’s ability to utilize protein, which is essential for the replacement of the hundreds of billions cells that we wear out daily.  B-6 deficiency is associated with loss of hair, water retention, numbness and cramps in the arms and legs, visual disturbances and increased urination.  B-6 has such wonderful results for women that it has been called the “woman’s vitamin” because it is so vital to their physical and mental well-being.

There is also some evidence that Methylcobalamin can be associated with restoring male sexual potency by improving testicular function.  This is a whole additional topic all by itself.  There are several other products that work so well on this front such as Testropinol, Beyond Testosterone, Beyond Growth Hormone, etc. If this is an issue please contact me so that we can review any labs you may have a formulate a protocol specifically for you.