Are you in supplement hell?

If you hate having dozens of bottles of supplements only to parse out into a pill box that is too small to hold all you want to take, maybe you need to investigate NanoMeal. This daily shake includes all of your fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, omegas, protein and fiber you need in a day. It is a meal supplement so you save on breakfast and is fast and easy to mix. What makes it even better? The shake comes in individual to go packets for those that are on the go and isn’t gross like so many shakes out there. One of my clients likens it to the flavor of the milk after you eat fruit loops. Unfortunately, this amazing product isn’t available over the counter and must be ordered by a licensed health care professional. If you are interested in trying this amazing product to simplify your life contact our holistic doctor Patrick “Skip” Hart at or at 972-530-4609.