Complimentary and Supplemental Therapies for your medical needs

Through Dr. Skip Hart, O.M.D.,’s extensive training in the fields of East Asian and Naturopathic medicines, he has had the opportunity to work with and evaluate numerous holistic and homeopathic therapies.  His research and training have taken him across the country and around the world and allowed him to gain experience and training in a wide range of Eastern and Western modalities.  Dr. Skip has evaluated each for efficacy and patient safety and he now presents these to his clients.  These therapies are offered to clients as options to use in conjunction with treatments offered by their physicians, or as alternatives when traditional treatments have failed.

Dr. Skip seeks to share with clients those products that work (as discovered through research and in clinical practice) so that benefits may be derived with few to no side effects.

Some of the therapies discussed on this website include:

Dr. Skip’s holistic wellness program offers consultations for families that are seeking affordable alternative wellness methodologies that range from nutrition, oriental medicine, naturopathy to homeopathy.  With Holistic Health Consultations, your entire medical history is reviewed, health goals discussed, and a tailored health protocol is designed specifically for your needs. These protocols address a range of ailments such as infertility, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, ADD, ADHD and more.