Your Experience with Your Physician should be Extraordinary

Dr. Skip - Dallas Naturopathic & Homeopathic DoctorPerhaps you are used to waiting upwards of an hour in the waiting room to see your doctor, then shuffled into a cold examination room where you wait another 30 minutes while you see nurses coming in and out. Finally, you get what you have waited for, only to experience a 15-30 minute consult, you are handed a prescription to treat your symptoms, and perhaps a follow-up appointment is made for a procedure or check-up and the cycle repeats. The whole thing seemed to go so fast you are kicking yourself when you get to the car because you forgot to ask that really important question. We hope that is not your experience, but if it is and you are looking for something different, we encourage you to give the office of Dr. Skip a try. Dr. Skip continues to work hard to perfect your experience with the following:

  1. NO WAITING: There is no shuffling to different rooms for you to wait. You will be seen at your appointment time. We recognize that your time, as well as ours, is our most valuable intangible resource.
  2. REAL TIME WITH YOUR DOCTOR: You get real time with Dr. Skip (approximately 60-90 minutes during the initial wellness consultation) to discuss any of your questions and concerns you need addressed. This time together is crucial to really get to the root cause of any of your medical needs in order to address them. Bring a notebook with your questions.
  3. NO MORE COLD EXAMINATION ROOMS: In this fast pace world, we have built the technological infrastructure to pioneer virtual/online holistic care so that you can seek out care from anywhere you are.  Additionally, Dr. Skip decided several years ago to do away with the conventional medical office and open up a small intimate Dallas office that differs from a cold medical room. Though you will find many of the standard medical instruments, the office was carefully designed to be safe, warm, and inviting so that you as the client have that comfortable atmosphere to collaboratively share your concerns.
  4. TRUE INTEGRATIVE CARE: Dr. Skip is educated in both Eastern and Western medicine. As such, we welcome discussions of all of your options so that you as the client can decide what is best choice given your ‘individual’ situation. Having this integrative approach is what sets Dr. Skip apart from many practitioners that only have training in their expertise. Please do not misunderstand – we need these specialists, but when it comes to your family practitioner, we believe it makes sense to have someone who is well-rounded in all modalities to act as your adviser and educator so you can weigh all of your options and risks with regards to any medical procedure or treatment you are considering.
  5. AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE CARE: Since we are private pay, our office endeavors to make alternative health care as affordable as possible.  For example, our office does not mark up labs like conventional offices.  A comprehensive lab panel that retails for over four thousand (billed by insurance providers), our office charges $500.  We have also negotiated a 20% below retail cost on the vast majority of holistic supplements for our client base.  Our commitment is to your health, first and foremost, as we continue to strive to find ways to lower our overhead and reduce the impact to your pocket book.

If this sounds like ‘just what the doctor ordered’, we encourage you to request your consultation today using the ‘BOOK NOW’ Button at the top right or click HERE to learn more.

Our Methodology:

AskDrSkip is a culmination of years of clinical experience and personal research. The research conducted has taken Dr. Skip from Orlando, Florida to New Delhi, India. You will find as this site takes shape, that it is filled with information, products, therapies and resources that have come from use personally with family and friends as well as professionally with clients. Click here to learn more about Dr. Skip.  You may also want to visit our Services Page for pricing information.

Dr. Skip has gone through the “flowers” in the field of holistic medicine and picked out the “weeds”. These “flowers” that remain are from over 10 years of research which are included (and as more are found they will continue to be posted) here on the site. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set-up a consultation. It is a great honor and passion of ours to share this knowledge with you and to operate in a Community Wellness Program to make health as affordable to the masses as possible.

The ultimate goal is to work with products and therapies that are safe and effective. There is an extreme hesitation to use a missile on something when only a pellet gun is needed. The focus is to have products that work (as seen in clinical practice and through research) to be beneficial for your health with minimal side effects.

Also, it is super important for you to have a co-pilot in your health care. Please seek out and find a practitioner that has your best interests at heart, not the interests of the insurance or drug companies. You are in charge of your health and your health care practitioner works for you!

If they are unwilling to listen to your requests for “alternative” methods of treatments, get your stuff and leave. Find another practitioner, one that is open and willing to listen. More and more people are seeing everyday that drugs and surgery are not always the answer. I am not saying, never… It is just that these methods are way over used and with minimal change in health of the client or possibly a worsening of the condition.

I have lost count of all the times I have heard clients tell me about their medications and they were given this pill to treat that symptom and then suddenly they are on a boat load of meds and really can’t remember why. There is a time and place for every type of medicine. You would not illicit my help if you were in a car accident. The Emergency Department physicians excel at treating this type of accident. The conventional community excels at acute treatments, but unfortunately fails miserably at treating chronic diseases.

Service Guarantee

We strive that every point of contact you have an ‘experience’ that is unlike any other doctor visit to the point that you trust us with your family and friends. There can be no other greater compliment than a referral.  We welcome

Thank you for taking your precious time to explore our site. It is a pleasure to be an advocate for you all as well as being able to point you in the right direction, when needed. We look forward to working with you and getting the information that has been researched and deemed to be beneficial on the site to help enrich your life as well as your health.

Live Well; Be Well,

Dr. Skip