It may seem foreign that simply put, Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, Pelvic Pain and Menstrual issues, that emotionally and physically plague women around the globe, can be treated naturally, simply, in a non-invasive manner, with the same treatment program yielding 79% success.  For any practitioner, those results are nothing short of astonishing!

Listening to women’s stories in my office where they so often feel broken, embarrassed, debilitated, unable to sometimes even get out of bed, all the while, exhausting unbelievable financial resources to find answers is heart wrenching.  So whether their dream is of starting a family or chronic pain relief that has plagued them for decades, we can help.  That moment in their eyes and the softening of their face when they realize that after sometimes decades of searching they have ‘found it’, brings a reward that I could not possibly begin to describe in words.

So what exactly do we do? It is a simple 3 step program:

  1. Mercier Therapy: Women receive 3 to 6 treatment sessions of a visceral manipulation of their reproductive organs where we restore the correct positioning and blood flow. This elicits an incredible response in the female body for healing and balance of the menstrual cycle and thus chronic pain relief and/or fertility can begin.
  2. Holistic Functional Examination: In conjunction, a cost effective hormone and serum examination to address any physiological imbalances will yield quick and effective results.  This may be as simple as a bio-identical hormone cream or fixing a thyroid issue that brings the body back online to its optimal performance, thereby, alleviating pain and fertility barriers.
  3. Home Health: With every client, we provide a comprehensive education with what is going on with their body and what they can do at home to improve their daily lives.

With this simple, repeatable, effective, and comprehensive program we change lives.  What can possibly be more rewarding!  I cannot be more excited to be a practitioner of this program and to teach other practitioners to do likewise. When this treatment program goes viral we can free women of needless suffering and allow them to be the very best of themselves.  This is my global impact and one that will allow women everywhere to be free to create their own global impact in whatever capacity that gets them out of bed!  That is the key – they ‘can‘ get out of bed!

For us, there is no better thing to wake up to everyday!