Do we take insurance?
Dr. Skip has strategically not signed any insurance contracts with third-party payers, so that his allegiance is only to you and not on what insurance companies dictate as to what tests can be ordered or what treatment can be recommended.  Insurance may prohibit many conventional medical practitioners from even discussing viable alternatives to drugs, radiation, and/or surgery.  With that said, as an alternative medical practitioner, we expect you are seeking alternatives because you want to have a holistic non-biased evaluation of your wellness needs.  In order to do so, Dr. Skip cannot be a contracted provider for any private or government insurance plans (including Medicare, Medicaid or Champus/TriCare).  This ensures he is at liberty to order tests and discuss conventional and alternative methods directly to you as the client without influence or conflict of interest.

Cost Control w/o insurance: By not accepting insurance, we do not have to employ staff that would otherwise be required to submit and manage claims, that would substantially increase costs and overhead that would be deferred to you as the client. Our billing system provides clients with receipts upon payment so that you can file your claim with your respective insurance company, however since we do not process claims, our billing system does not utilize ICD-10 or CPT codes.  Please understand that due to the complexity of individual insurance policies, we can make no claims as to whether your plan will provide any reimbursement. For your convenience, we are listed as a health practitioner with our credit card processor so that FSA/HSA cards are typically accepted; please be sure you have reviewed your FSA/HSA program and IRS guidelines to ensure that our services are covered.

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Insurance can limit client privacy: Many of our clients seek us out because of our strict privacy policy.  When requested by the insurance company to process a claim, doctors who have signed insurance contracts are required to send medical information directly to insurance companies, without the client’s further permission.  The fact that we do not file insurance claims electronically means that we do not send records directly to any insurance carrier. This maintains maximum privacy for your medical information. In our office, your wellness records are only given to YOU. Then you decide what information you wish released to any other third party – whether it is a doctor or an insurance company.

Should you have any further questions about our program please explore our website and submit any questions to our contact form.

Be Well; Live Well,

Dr. Skip