10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

Emotional Detoxification!!  We have talked about cleansing your liver, now lets talk about cleansing your emotions!

You want to change your life?  It’s really not that hard…you just have to change your mind and the way you think.  Most of us are stuck in a pattern (me included)…I know, I know…most of you think I’m perfect and I appreciate that – but I am not and we need to re-frame how we think.

Many of the great authors from Hay House (that’s just about all of them actually) say what I am about to repackage for you here…and that is “what you think” is the most important thing:  for the issues ranging from emotions to physical health.

Doreen Virtue has a great technique to use when you have a negative thought (now remember – there are actually no negative thoughts…only those that we perceive as negative) but for the sake of our conversation here we will say “negative thought.” The technique is to say “cancel, clear, delete” very much the same way you “control, alt, delete” on a computer when it freezes up.

So you have a negative thought or thought pattern such as “I always have money issues”, or “I always have trouble with …”!  When you say the three magic words – “cancel, clear, delete”, you use an affirmation to change your thought pattern.  In our example here a good idea would be to say, “Money is never an issue for me”, or “… is never an issue for me”.   Make it simple and try not to overcomplicate it.  Dr. Dyer also has a great one that I use often.  It is from A Course in Miracles and the affirmation is “I can choose peace or I can choose this”!  I often shorten it by saying to myself,  “I choose peace”!  It is amazing how quickly something like this works.

When I do this technique it is on average about 10 minutes (in real time) when I notice a peace solution or the problem just “shifts” from the negative perception to a positive one.

It really is that easy.  I highly recommend that you purchase this book and read it.  It is a very quick, easy and fun read that will not take any time at all.  It is a “shift” to just read the book.  I read through this book in a day and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Dr. Dyer is an amazing and peaceful man whose words are very powerful, as are the words of us all.  Please read them with an open mind and allow the shift to happen.  As Dr. David Simon says at the Chopra Center in California…”Don’t try…it’s too hard”!

Dr. Dyer has a movie that is equally as enjoyable, if not better than the book, called “The Shift” , also known as “Ambition to Meaning”.  check out hayhouse.com to order! It is very powerful.  I know this all sounds a bit new-agey, but remember that my speciality is in natural medicine with an emphasis on mind, body and spirit medicine.  I would be remiss if I didn’t also address the spiritual aspect of health.  It is as important, if not moreso, than the physical-health aspect.

As I sit here typing this article for you all to read it is in my immediate reality that my father-in-law is in the cardiac critical unit in the hospital from acute renal failure. Not withstanding all the medical issues that he has been dealing with over the last few years, his strength in spirit continues to grow with each passing day. When he was laying there with non-functioning kidneys and the fear of whether or not he was going to survive, he never forgot to stay centered, breathe deeply, and most importantly laugh.  It is a very harrowing experience to watch someone in excrucriating pain take the spiritual steps necessary to breathe through it, centering and focusing himself to push through the agony and still have the courage to heal.

It sounds cliche, but laughter is the best medicine.  Please never forget this small fact. No matter what life throws at you – it is nothing that laughter can’t heal.  Life is short and should be fun. ENJOY IT! Please!!!!

Please remember what is important – and it is this moment.  All we really have is this moment.  The future has yet to happen and the past is in the past.  It has occurred and it over.  Do you really want to “taint” the present moment by dragging into the present those negative thoughts from the past?  Might you lose out on a beautiful opportunity that is occurring now because you are focusing on the past and missed it?  So let go of that past and make sure you enjoy every moment of the present.

There are only two true emotions – fear and love.  When you come from a place of love everything tends to work itself out and you will have less stress and anxiety…take the path of least resistance.  It’s much easier and you don’t have to struggle.

There is a fascinating book by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life, which lists many medical conditions and their emotional underlying cause.  While this is not 100% of the time always the case, it is quite amazing just how often it holds true.  Pick up the book and look for some of your health issues and see if there is any truth in it for you.  If so, work on the affirmations and reframe your thoughts, and as Louise Hay says…You Can Heal Your Life!